Portland, OR. Christmas Ship owners are getting ready to set sail for their 64th year as residents make plans to watch the colorful flotillas during the parade’s 2018 holiday season. The Christmas Ship Parade will launch Friday, November 30th, in North Portland Harbor.  The parade will run for 15 nights through Thursday, December 20th. The flotilla has six nights off, so check the Columbia and Willamette River schedules.
The boats, 14 to 65 feet long, are brightly decorated for the holiday season.  Up to 60 holiday boats are expected to make up the two fleets. The schedule details for each night list some of the best viewing locations.  Sometimes that may be from a shoreline park or it may be from the warmth of a restaurant overlooking the river. On the Willamette, you always have the opportunity to see the ships from a dinner cruise. If you have boat that can run at a speed of at least 6 knots, and you decorate your watercraft, you’re welcome to join the Christmas Ships parade for one night or all nights. To see some of the benefits of joining the parade, visit: Benefits. To sign up, visit: Sign Up

2018 Columbia & Willamette River Downloadable Parade Schedules:

Download the Columbia River Parade Schedule


Download the Willamette River Parade Schedule