Autism Society of Oregon to Livestream Upcoming Autism Walk

Autism Society of Oregon to Livestream Upcoming Autism Walk

Portland, Or. Last summer walkers hit the streets together for the annual Autism Walk, but this year’s fundraiser will be a virtual live-streamed event, according to the Autism Society of Oregon. The free event, for which participants can register online, will be held online at 1 P.M. on Sunday, August 23rd. “Patterns and routines help to make sense of the world for people on the autism spectrum – they’re incredibly important. When those patterns are disrupted, it completely disrupts everything.” Executive Director Tobi Rates provided some insight into life on the spectrum, noting the impact that the disruptions to school, work, and service provisions have had on people experiencing autism: “It’s been traumatic for a lot of people, and it’s an ongoing trauma because it doesn’t look like things are going back to normal anytime soon.”

Participants in this year’s Autism Walk can send videos and photos to ASO by July 14th

Those registered can send in videos and photos of themselves walking or running in their Autism Awareness/ Acceptance T-shirt by July 14th. These will then be featured during the virtual event in a compilation video. Viewers can expect recognitions and prize-giveaways for sponsors, as well as guest appearances from Star Wars characters and a Virtual Resource Fair.

Here is a video encapsulating the details of the event:

Adapting the Autism Walk – ASO’s largest fundraiser supporting Oregon and SW Washington programs – to a virtual setting is one of the many ways the organization has been able to maintain a sense of routine for its members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants in last year’s walk sporting their awareness gear

Max’s support system celebrating at last year’s finish line

Whether participants choose to walk or run in this year’s event, they can expect the fun to be virtually limitless.

From Autism Society Oregon (ASO);

ASO will be Oregon’s leading organization providing resources, education, advocacy and support for individuals and families living with Autism.
Our Mission

Improving the lives of all affected by autism.

ASO is committed to achieving our vision through the following strategies:

• Education
• Support
• Resources
• Advocacy
• Collaboration
• Awareness
Our Values
At all times ASO builds community in a way that is ethical, respectful, safe, inclusive and welcomes all perspectives.


Oregon Historical Society Gearing up for Reopening and Rose City Soccer Exhibit

Oregon Historical Society Gearing up for Reopening and Rose City Soccer Exhibit

Portland, OR. “We are the Rose City! A History of Soccer in Portland.” That’s the focus of a new exhibit coming to the Oregon Historical Society (OHS) in late July. The Oregon Historical Society Museum will be reopening its doors to the public on Saturday, July 11th at 10:00 A.M. It has been closed since March 14th due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Timber exhibit photo above features Mamadou “Futty” Danso, Jack Jewsbury and Steve Purdy celebrated a win following the Timbers first home game in the MLS era. (Photographer Craig Mitchelldyer, Courtesy of Portland Timbers.)

“We’re looking forward to reopening,” said OHS Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk. “We’ve got lots for people to see, and we’ll be following of course all the guidelines required by the state and the county as far as face coverings and social distancing.” Museum-goers will be able to check out OHS’s permanent exhibit, “Experience Oregon,” which debuted last year and chronicles “the good, the bad and the ugly,” of Oregon’s history, according to Tymchuk. Additionally, the new exhibit entitled, “Soccer in the Rose City,” will explore a full history of Portland’s soccer culture. 

Capo Tina leads section 108 during a 2019 Portland Thorns game. (Courtesy of 107 Independent Supporters Trust.)

Over the past few months, OHS has been busy producing a weekly newsletter and keeping the community updated and informed through social media.

“We’ve been very proud of all the work and material we’ve been able to provide through our social media outlets,” Tymchuk said. “We’ve been putting out great material on the pandemic, such as the Spanish flu pandemic of 100 years ago and how it impacted Oregon and lessons learned and not learned. And then we were able over the past couple of weeks to put out just a phenomenal amount of material on racial justice and equity.”

Just before having to shut its doors on March 14th, the museum was getting ready to debut an exhibit entitled, “Nevertheless, They Persisted: Women’s Voting Rights and the 19th Amendment.” Museum-goers will still be able to check out the exhibit when OHS reopens. “[It’s] a phenomenal exhibit—artifacts and documents, chronicling the fight for equal rights for women and giving them the right to vote,” Tymchuk said. “We’re anxious to give that a showing to everybody.” 

March in 1913 in support of women’s right to vote. Photo featured in OHS exhibit, “Nevertheless, They Persisted.”

Additionally, the OHS has a variety of virtual programs that can be found on the OHS website that will still be available after the museum reopens. 

According to Tymchuk, due to good financial planning and the Multnomah County levy, which provides the museum with funding, the OHS has not had to make any mass lay-offs or budget cuts. “We’ve been very fortunate,” he said. 

Tymchuk encourages anyone interested in supporting the OHS to visit the museum after it reopens, to make a tax-deductible donation, or to become OHS members. “A membership in OHS is a great deal, and we encourage people to become members—that way they get all the material that we put out,” he said. He also provided this reminder: “Here in Portland, because of the Multnomah County levy, all Multnomah County residents have free admission [to the museum].”

“We’ve been actively fulfilling our mission during this time,” Tymchuk said, referring to the pandemic’s effect on the OHS. “We certainly live in a time where people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of history.” 

Kerry Tymchuk and Kate Brown

OHS Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk and Oregon Governor Kate Brown in June 2013.

Following re-opening, public museum and store hours will be Wednesdays – Saturdays from 10 am – 5 pm and Sundays from 12 pm – 5 pm. The OHS Research Library remains closed for renovations that began in January 2020. More information on library services that are available during the renovation can be found at

About the Oregon Historical Society: 

For more than a century, the Oregon Historical Society has served as the state’s collective memory, preserving a vast collection of artifacts, photographs, maps, manuscript materials, books, films, and oral histories. Our research library, museum, digital platforms & website (, educational programming, and historical journal make Oregon’s history open and accessible to all. We exist because history is powerful and because a history as deep and rich as Oregon’s cannot be contained within a single story or point of view.


Basic Rights Oregon Hails Supreme Court Ruling at Virtual Queer Town Hall

Basic Rights Oregon Hails Supreme Court Ruling at Virtual Queer Town Hall

Portland, OR. “That was incredible,” said Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon Nancy Haque, (pictured eighth from the left above in pre-covid days). She was reacting to a recent Supreme Court ruling. “People have been working for decades to get this kind of protection for the LGBTQ community, and to get that victory now, when we really needed a victory, felt really good.” Hague was weighing in about the June 15th Supreme Court ruling that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBTQ members from employment discrimination. The ruling is widely considered a historic step towards equality for the LGBTQ community. She spoke at a virtual town hall on June 23rd. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Basic Rights Oregon has held weekly virtual queer town halls in an effort to build community and to share information with the LGBTQ and larger Oregon community.

The focus in the town halls is on current events and features statewide leaders and experts in a variety of fields. Previous discussions have focused on issues such as healthcare, housing, employment, and discrimination. After the discussion, panelists answer audience questions.

On Tuesday, June 23, five speakers, including Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosemblum and Unite Oregon representative Inger McDowell, discussed hate crimes and recent legislation that clarifies gender discrimination as a protected class. 

“Thank you so much to BRO for hosting this event,” Rosenblum said, “This is a time for me to be listening and learning … We need to make sure that people of color and the LGBTQ community and the disabled community [are] at the table and that we are together—and that [elected officials] are the ones doing the listening.” 

Since the pandemic began, many operations at BRO have changed. All workers and volunteers now work remotely, and events planned for the summer—such as BRO’s large annual fundraising event “Ignite”—are being adapted into virtual events. The weekly virtual town halls began in an effort to keep the community engaged with BRO’s work.

Over the past few months, BRO has done significant outreach to get important information to those in the LGBTQ community affected by the pandemic. 

“Part of what’s happened with the pandemic is an economic disaster for many people,” said BRO Executive Director Nancy Haque. Haque emphasized that many in the LGBTQ community work in the hospitality industry and do not have a large financial cushion, and as a result are facing dire financial insecurity. 

Nancy Haque, Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon

“We shared info about how to apply for unemployment benefits and snap benefits,” Haque said, “We’ve also made an effort to try and respond to people’s needs and questions.” 

Even though many of BRO’s events have been either canceled or adapted into virtual events because of the pandemic, Haque said that BRO has been given a lot of great support by new donors which the organization has never worked with before.  

However, Haque emphasized that there’s still work to be done. “There’s a lot of things we have to do as a state and as a community to continue to help the LGBTQ community,” she said. “We would love your continued support, and your support for our virtual events.” 

On top of the pandemic, BRO has also expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement. “We also get to think and dream about what we can do and what we can build and how we can be part of the fight for racial justice,” Haque said, “We’ve had an organizational commitment to racial justice, but we need to keep it on the forefront of our work.” 

The next queer town hall will be held on Tuesday, June 30, at noon over YouTube Live, and will focus on what pride month means for BIPOC members of the LGBTQ community.

From Basic Rights Oregon: 

Basic Rights Oregon will ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Oregonians experience equality by building a broad and inclusive politically powerful movement, shifting public opinion, and achieving policy victories.

Here’s a video about the organization:

About the Queer Town Hall:

In an effort to develop community and stay connected and informed during these trying times, Basic Rights Oregon has set up weekly Queer Town Hall on Tuesdays. Streaming live on YouTube, we’ll be speaking with a wide variety of experts on issues that matter most to you, including healthcare, housing, employment, discrimination, and more. It’s your chance to ask your questions and have your voice heard, so join in!


St. Andrew Nativity School Students Organize Peaceful Protest in Honor of Black Lives Matter

St. Andrew Nativity School Students Organize Peaceful Protest in Honor of Black Lives Matter

Portland, OR. Students from St. Andrew Nativity School are organizing a peaceful protest on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st. Students will march in support of Black Lives Matter from their school at 4925 NE 9th Ave to a local police precinct. The protest will begin at 2 P.M. and masks are required. Students say they’re are marching on Father’s Day to honor the fathers who have been killed due to police brutality.

St. Andrew Nativity School is a tuition-free private middle school serving students and families from low-income backgrounds in NE Portland. The peaceful protest is aimed at raising awareness about the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the many others who have been affected by racism and police brutality in America.

St. Andrew Nativity School is a Catholic and Jesuit middle school dedicated to offering an academically challenging curriculum in a highly structured environment students of all faiths.

From St. Andrew Nativity School:

Students from Nativity School are organizing this protest in honor of the many Black lives who are fighting for freedom and the safety of the next generation. Please join us in the fight for freedom and equality.

 St. Andrew Nativity School is Oregon’s only tuition-free, private middle school for low-income students. Located in NE Portland, just off 9th and Alberta, Nativity School offers a challenging academic program that prepares students for college preparatory high schools. 92% of Nativity School students go on to graduate from high school and 88% go on to attend college.


June is Second Most Popular Month for Charitable Giving

June is Second Most Popular Month for Charitable Giving

In 2018, overall charitable giving in the United States increased by 1.5% on a year-over-year basis. Large organizations grew by 2.3%; medium organizations increased 2%; and small nonprofits experienced a decrease of 2.3% compared to the same time period in 2017. Since 2016, overall giving has grown 9% and giving to Foundations grew 5% over the same three year time period.

Online giving grew 1.2% in 2018 compared to 2017. Large organizations had a decrease of 0.5%; medium-sized organizations grew 3.7%; and small nonprofits grew 0.7% on a year-over-year basis. Since 2016, online giving has grown 17%, and average online gift amounts have continued to increase. The percentage of total fundraising that came from online giving once again reached another record high in 2018. Approximately 8.5% of overall fundraising revenue, excluding grants, was raised online. In 2018, 24% of online transactions were made using a mobile device.

This is the continuation of a growing trend we have measured over many years now. Arts and Culture organizations had the largest growth in both overall and online giving during 2018. Animal Welfare, International Affairs, Higher Education, and Public and Society Benefit organizations also experienced significant growth in overall giving compared to 2017. Public and Society Benefit, Healthcare, and Faith Communities also had growth in online giving in 2018. 2018 continued the longest sustained period of charitable giving growth since the last recession.

There are several key trends shaping charitable giving that are highlighted here. First, charitable giving in the United States is returning to normal levels following two years of significant growth. Second, online giving is entering a new phase where mobile and other digital channels continue to change how donors engage with nonprofit organizations. Finally, giving to Foundations and Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) continues to grow in response to supporter preferences and changes in incentives. A 36-month view of fundraising from the same organizations reveals a 9% growth in overall giving and a 17% increase in online giving. When we take a broader view, spikes in giving during 2017 gave way to more normal growth rates in 2018. There is a tendency to want to identify a single reason for shifts in giving, but that is not how the philanthropic ecosystem works.

The digital marketing firm for nonprofits, Blackbaud, released this finding in its 2018 Charitable Giving Report.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities Available Now

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities Available Now

Portland, OR. Have you been looking for a way to volunteer your time to help alleviate suffering during the COVID-19 crisis? Well, we’ve got some great ideas to share. You can learn about both remote and on-site volunteer options at the website: VolunteerMatch. Get involved in our community from the safety of your own home

The site offers thousands of volunteer options. There is both a local need and you can also help remotely across the country, in some of the hardest-hit areas by offering assistance with things like tutoring kids who are struggling to learn at home.

Independent Sector

Volunteerism is an essential part of our country’s social fabric and is perhaps most vital during times of crisis. And unlike familiar crises, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the very nature of how people can connect with and help each other.

Below are some of the local options:

  • Stuck at home? Have fun while doing art and building community!

    with Lift Urban Portland

    Remote OpportunityPortland, OR 97210

    It’s Flexible! We’ll work with your schedule

    Writing a quick card or letter with a positive message will brighten the day of clients who receive grocery deliveries! If you do not wish to write a message, that is okay! Artwork will also be accepted (photographs, drawings, paintings).

    Feel free to be creative and have fun. Bonus points if you can incorporate food into your work!
    This is also a great project for kids.

    Please keep the cards secular and avoid mentioning any specific holidays.

    For more details contact [email protected]

    Please mail your finished cards to:
    Lift UP
    2701 NW Vaughn Street Suite 102
    Portland, OR 97210







FALL PREVIEW: Pacific Pug Rescue to Host “Pints for Pugs” Fundraiser

FALL PREVIEW: Pacific Pug Rescue to Host “Pints for Pugs” Fundraiser

Portland, OR. Grab your pug and head to the Civic Taproom and Bottle Shop near Providence Park on Saturday, September 14th. The taproom will donate one dollar for every pint sold to the Pacific Pug Rescue. The fundraiser is for those 21 and over, and will support the nonprofit’s mission to rehabilitate and place unwanted, neglected and abused pugs in permanent adoptive homes. Dogs need to be well socialized and on a leash to attend.

Pints for Pugs at Civic Taproom, March 2019

The benefit will take place on Saturday, September 14th from 1pm – 4pm. The Civic Taproom and Bottle Shop located on 621 SW 19th Ave, in Portland. It’s free to attend and you’ll also have the chance to enter a raffle to win a gift basket. Treats and Pacific Pug Rescue merchandise will be available for purchase as well.

Pints for Pugs at Civic Taproom, March 2019

Organizers encourage you to attend Pints for Pugs to enjoy an afternoon filled with socializing, crafted beer, and prizes as you help raise money for pugs in need.

Here’s a video about the work of the Pacific Pug Rescue:

About Pacific Pug Rescue:

Pacific Pug Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started in 2006. More than 100 Pug obsessed volunteers dedicate themselves to running the organization, including a passionate board of directors, some of whom have been volunteering for us since the beginning. 

We rescue, rehabilitate and place unwanted, neglected and abused Pugs in permanent adoptive homes that have been carefully screened. The Pugs and former owners we work with are from throughout Oregon, Idaho and Washington and we rescue pugs regardless of age or medical condition, seeking to provide for their short and long-term needs. Prior to adoption, our Pugs are cared for by our dedicated foster families located in the Portland Metro area. While there and before adoption can occur, our Pugs receive medical care including spaying/neutering, dental checks, vaccinations, and microchips. In addition to saving Pugs, we strive to educate the public about the breed, including its personality, health issues and care, and about the importance of domestic animal population control.

FALL PREVIEW: AbilityAware Awards Will Honor Outstanding Businesses

FALL PREVIEW: AbilityAware Awards Will Honor Outstanding Businesses

FALL PREVIEW: Portland, OR. United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon & SW Washington (​UCP) will honor business leaders committed to employing Oregonians who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. Supporters are gearing up for a special recognition happy hour for employers who have excelled in diversifying their workplaces in partnership with Employment Solutions. The AbilityAware happy hour will take place on Thursday, October 24th from 4:00 to 6:30 at the Portland Armory: 128 NW 11th Ave.

Click here for a link to tickets!

Here are some photos from last year’s event:

Ian Jaquiss, Interim ADA Coordinator, OHSU speaks at the UCP Oregon AbilityAware Awards

Greg Sutliff, Director at The Street Trust, receives Employer of the Year award at the 2018 UCP Oregon AbilityAware Awards

Greg Sutliff, The Street Trust and Riikka Salonen, OHSU

Guests at the 2018 UCP Oregon AbilityAware Awards

Guests at the 2018 UCP Oregon AbilityAware Awards

Here’s a link to tickets:

From UCP Oregon:

UCP Oregon began in 1955 by supporting adults who experienced cerebral palsy. But today we do so much more than that! ​We assist adults and kids of all ages, who experience all kinds of developmental disabilities.

About Employment Solutions:

Employment Solutions is a service of UCP Oregon and has been connecting businesses with qualified candidates since its inception in 2006. Candidates are vetted to determine their best job match and supports are put into place to ensure employment success. Employment Solutions partners with hundreds of businesses in Portland, Clackamas, WA County and Hood River to increase diversity, productivity and profitability for local businesses. Some of the benefits of partnering with Employment Solutions are no-cost, on-site coaching, assistance with accommodations, and consultation on topics such as ADA compliance and filing tax credits. Our experienced team customizes the level of supports based on the needs of each business.​

About AbilityAware:

An AbilityAware employer is a community-focused business, committed to advancing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, and in turn cultivating a strong local economy. Employers have earned this designation and can proudly display the AbilityAware plaque and signage in their workplace. ​​Learn more about being an AbilityAware employer here.
FALL PREVIEW: Portland Fashion Week Becomes Nonprofit and Vows to “Keep Portland Pretty”

FALL PREVIEW: Portland Fashion Week Becomes Nonprofit and Vows to “Keep Portland Pretty”

FALL PREVIEW: Portland Fashion Week will hit the runway October 2nd through 6th. The event features sustainable fashion and will take place at the Old Church Concert Hall in downtown Portland.

The driving force is the philosophy of “Slow Fashion” which is founded on the idea of non-impulsive buying; using awareness as the basis for understanding the quality and value of clothing.

Fiona Foulk, Executive Producer Portland Fashion Week (PFW) also announced the formation of the nonprofit Portland Fashion Foundation. The foundation will be the recipient organization of all related charity endeavors and 100% of net profits will benefit local and regional charities by 2022. Foulk explained, “We realized that we can do so much more for everyone by adopting the non profit status.”

Portland Fashion Foundation will be producing not only the PFW series but all ancillary events such as the PFW Annual Charity Golf Tournament, Werewolves’ Beard Ball Halloween Party, photo shoots, community outreaches and model searches. These events will support The Portland Fashion Week New and Expecting Mommies Fund, a safety net and stop gap helping new and expecting unwed mothers meet monthly needs. Ticket prices for PFW range from $150 to $40. 

Did you know that there are two different major fashion weeks in Portland? Running concurrently during Portland Fashion Week and organized by former PFW producer Tito Chowdhury, FashioNXT is a different Portland showcase. One FashioNXT focus is the integration of technology into fashion. In the past, that’s included wearable 3-D-printed items. More information about the fashion event can be found at Tickets run from $25 to $185.

Here’s a look at some photos from past Portland Fashion Week shows:


From Portland Fashion Week:

Portland Fashion Week strives to continually revolutionize the fashion industry through upholding the slow fashion and sustainable fashion mindsets. Defining our core values, we feature fashion inclusive to everyone and using our business model to continually conduct educational outreaches, charitable events, and our yearly Portland Fashion Week series.

Since 2002 Portland Fashion Week has striven to create a fashion-based business with a network of domestic and international resources to support emerging designers. Through annual events, Our full annual calendar of events brings together designers, models, media, stylists, celebrities, and VIPs in support of the Portland fashion communities, utilizing a percentage of the proceeds to benefit charity and support the education of the future fashion visionaries.

Event details:

Venue: The Old Church 1422 SW 11th Ave Portland, Oregon 97201

Wednesday Oct. 2, 2019 5-11pm Press Night

Thursday Oct. 3, 2019 5-11 pm Sustainable Apparel

Friday Oct. 4, 2019 5-11 pm Ready To Wear

Saturday Oct. 5, 2019 5-11 pm Couture and Bridal

Sunday Oct. 6, 2019 5-11 pm Accessories and Hair Styling and Make-up

Fall Preview Offering for Nonprofits

Fall Preview Offering for Nonprofits

Portland, OR. Do you have an exciting nonprofit event coming up this fall?

We’d like to help you spread the word. Contact Elisa at [email protected] is offering a very reasonable publicity package and here are the details:

It’s $50 dollars to participate in the fall preview program and reach about 10,000 of Portland’s most civic minded and philanthropic nonprofit lovers.

The fall preview package includes a short story with photos on The story will contain all of the details of the event and links to ticket pages. The story will be included in our free weekly e-newsletter and posted on all of our social channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We only have room for a limited number of Fall Preview stories, so let us know if you’d like to participate as soon as possible.

Here’s an example of the article we posted for Bridge Meadows.

FALL PREVIEW: Bridge Meadows 14th Annual IMAGINE Fall Gala Has High Goals

Having your story on our free platform can really help. Here’s a testimonial:

Hi Elisa,

Thanks so much for the great presence on your Portland Society Page! We really appreciate the extra awareness. In fact, yesterday as we were making a presentation to a potential foundation funder, they mentioned that they had seen our event featured on your page. It made a big impact! We really appreciate the nice coverage you gave us!


Carrie, William Temple House

As always, story publication after your event and inclusion in our website calendar is free, so send us your information, or use our submission form.


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