“Your website is such a shining light for us nonprofits, thank you for giving us some coverage and letting us show off our important work.” That testimonial from the “I Have A Dream” Foundation validates our passion for honoring the work of local charities.

Elisa Klein, Editor and Publisher of PortlandSocietyPage.com

Elisa Klein, Editor & Publisher of SocietyPage.net

Launched in 2011, PortlandSocietyPage.com is a free public news source for nonprofits. Accurate and positive, we love local charities and their vibrant events! We shine a well-deserved spotlight on outstanding nonprofits. With a free Sunday email, subscribers enjoy thoughtful information about positive and proactive movers and shakers in their hometown.

As the editor of Society Page, it’s my privilege to collaborate with Development Officers in the nonprofit community to honor patrons who make a difference. I’ve been a professional journalist and writer since 1987, (and long-time reporter for KOIN-TV.) I’m also a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. As a volunteer with the National Charity League, I’ve seen first-hand the transforming power of authentic community involvement.

PortlandSocietyPage.com also fuels my other professional passion: writing. As a nationally published reporter, with a Master’s Degree in Journalism, I love to report positive news and information. Journalism has also connected me with another non-profit where I’ve had experience as a leader, the Northwest’s biggest writer’s organization: The Willamette Writers. Since 2011, PortlandSocietyPage.com,  has published over 2,000 stories on the site for free. With PortlandSocietyPage.com, I’m very pleased to provide a news and information website – always free for nonprofits – which highlights exciting charity events!

—Elisa Klein, Editor & Publisher

We are pleased to introduce our intern from Portland State University, Emily Cowley. Here’s some information about Emily in her own words:

PortlandSocietyPage.com intern, Emily Cowley

“I am a student at Portland State University working toward my degree in International Studies with a specification in African Studies. I love writing and telling people’s stories, so it is perfect that I get to work with Society Page both writing and getting to tell stories of people doing great things around the Portland area. Some of the things I love most are getting to travel and meet people from around the world, so I especially enjoy getting to hear about nonprofits in Portland working with the international communities. I am excited to be able to work with nonprofits around this city and spread the news about the amazing things they are doing.”

We’re happy to introduce about our Portland State University intern, Trista Caudill. Here’s some information about Trista in her own words:

Society Page intern, Trista Caudill

“I am a Senior at Portland State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. Writing has always been a cherished and valuable tool for me, and I expect that it will be an important part of developing my career. Researching and writing about Portland nonprofits has been extremely rewarding- as they are incremental to the communities they serve and will continue to be. I feel that sharing their stories gives back to them in a small way, and I believe that making small differences add up positively over time. I hope to soon get back to more adventurous hobbies like travel, and take what I’ve learned from these amazing organizations all over the world.”


We’re pleased to tell you about Portland State University intern, Dan Chilton.

Dan Chilton

Here’s some information about Dan in his own words:

“I’m a current student at Portland State University where I’m double majoring in English and Creative Writing with plans to go on to an MFA program to eventually write and teach at a college level. Self-expression has always been one of the major aspects of my life that have given me a feeling of fulfillment, whether it be poetry, fiction, or music. Rising from a high school dropout to a part-time community college student, to a full-time Honors University student, I’m stoked to be steadfastly working towards my goals. I’m very happy to be writing here at the Portland Society Page and look forward to where this path will lead me in the future!”



Here are some of our “Hall of Fame Interns” who contributed to our community! Julia Weinand. Here’s some information about Julia:

Julia Weinand

I am a student at the University of Portland pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. I have always been a passionate tree hugger, but I also love to read and write. I am planning to add a communications minor to my degree, and I am excited to be gaining more experience in the field of communication through my work at Portland Society Page. The unwavering dedication and selfless nature of nonprofits constantly inspire me. I am proud to do what I can to promote their efforts and mission. In my spare time, you can find me on long walks, baking, doing crosswords, or rocking out to Hamilton.”





We’re so grateful to be able to feature the work of these talented writers! Thank you for making a difference in our community by helping to tell the stories of our outstanding local nonprofits!

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