Portland, February 20th, 2016. The photo booth was entertaining for Riverdale School parents Michele Rosenbaum, Amber Hillman, Star Sanaee, and Jillian Cain. Teachers, staff and friends were treated to a Night in Havana at the Evergreen event space at SE 6th and Alder.  The Riverdale Parent Teacher Clubs benefit drew 160 people and organizers transformed the space into the streets of Havana. Street lamps, palm trees, old farm tables, wooden benches, cigar boxes, a “Cuban eats” menu and a choice of Cuban cocktails by ChefStable made the night memorable. DJ Max of Blackboard Music and the 12-piece salsa orchestra Melao de Cuba put everyone in the mood for the event billed as a “fundraising fiesta.” (PhotoBooth by instaPixnw.com )

View of A Night in Havana from the balcony level at Evergreen event space donated by Kurt and Heather Melonis Huffman.

View of A Night in Havana from the balcony level at Evergreen event space donated by Kurt and Heather Melonis Huffman.

A Night in Havana Chairwoman Shelly Morris with husband Mert Rockney

Wendy and Tim Tolls with Kari Lynn and Bill Dischinger at Riverdale’s A Night in Havana

Wendy and Tim Tolls with Kari Lynn and Bill Dischinger at Riverdale’s A Night in Havana

The $65,000+ raised is earmarked for PTC programs and the Principal’s wish lists items such as the following:

  • Riverdale Grade School Principal Joanna Tobin sought to build on technology infrastructure purchased with funds from prior PTC Paddle Raises by purchasing interactive classroom technology such as Mimeo boards.
  • Riverdale High School Principal Paula Robinson sought to add electric keyboards to the school’s Music Program and to expand and coordinate Career Exploration and Service Learning opportunities for students.
  • PTC Special Appeal was made for the Outdoor Classroom at Riverdale Grade School.

Student performers included RGS Tuba Players and RHS cast members from the upcoming Pajama Game.

From Riverdale:

Welcome to Riverdale School District. For more than a century, Riverdale has focused on providing a rigorous and rich academic experience. We are a unique, distinctive and successful educational organization that demonstrates how a focused vision can have a profound effect on the learning outcomes for students. Among the many strengths of the District, first and foremost are our students. This is clearly evident in the range and depth of school activities they are involved in on a daily basis. Dedicated faculty enhances the strength of our students and involved parents who shine a light on the vibrant educational community we call Riverdale.

Our students are actively engaged in the learning process from their first day in Preschool all the way to their senior exhibition. They learn how to think for themselves, and when they graduate, they go on to a wide variety of selective colleges. More importantly, students leave Riverdale equipped with the skills and confidence to become leaders in today’s global community. Our alumni consistently tell us that the skills they developed at Riverdale set them up for success in college and beyond.

Riverdale students are also active outside the academic classroom. We want our students to lead balanced lives and encourage them to participate in the arts, athletics, and to create a passion for personal interests, a habit of critical thinking, and a deep understanding of civic virtue. The breadth of our programs and the size of our school create many ways for Riverdale students to get involved, and these opportunities lead families to choose Riverdale.

As you explore our website, we hope you will discover what makes Riverdale such a special place. Riverdale offers a close-knit community. At Riverdale, students develop meaningful relationships with one another and with their teachers, and our parents are actively involved throughout the school. We all come together within a safe, supportive environment.

Our schools welcome students from the Riverdale neighborhood and from the surrounding communities who join us as tuition or transfer students. Riverdale offers the best aspects of independent schooling in a public school setting. 

We warmly welcome you and encourage you to visit our schools and discover the exceptional learning community we offer our students.

“Teaching students to be thoughtful in their education, about each other, and for their community.”