Portland, April 7th, 2013. It was neon galore at the Zimmerman Community Center benefit. Nearly 200 people of all ages boogied at neighboring BodyVox and raised $9,000 for the new childcare program as well as two community gardens and resources for families. Lonny and Gretchen Gandara, and their children Isabella, Emily and Evan were in ’80s spirit for the event as was Kim Sordyl. (Photo credit, Erika Plummer)
TWO 80'S DUDES - John McCalla and Jose Sinacento

John McCalla and Jose Sinacento

Kate looked great dancing in her aqua necklace.

Kate looked great dancing in her aqua necklace.

Jack, the "Prep" boy!

Jack, the “Prep” boy!


Our mission: Zimmerman Community Center improves the quality of urban life by providing fun, affordable activities in an inviting environment for all.

A.S.A.P. provides quality, enriching, and affordable, fun activities for Portland’s youth in a safe and rewarding learning environment that is intergenerational, intercultural, and interwoven into the community.


Zimmerman Community Center, founded fifteen years ago, has served as a resource for Portland community members in a number of ways that has benefited the lives of individuals, families and community organizations.

In May of 2011, Zimmerman Community Center moved into its current location named Isobel’s Clubhouse, in the Pearl. The location is situated at 14th & Quimby below the beautiful, newly built Ramona apartment building.

With a number of youth classes being offered out of Isobel’s Clubhouse and a growing interest from neighborhood members, Zimmerman Community Center is responding to the voices of the neighborhood by launching A.S.A.P.

Why We Exist

Isobel’s Clubhouse exists on a city block that has the most children of any city block in Portland, according to Ed McNamara of Turtle Island Development who built the Ramona (see 1000 Friends of Oregon article: http://www.friends.org/affordablehousingtour).

In addition to the Ramona, there are a number of other Affordable Housing apartment buildings such as the Sitka and Lovejoy Station that are just minutes from our location.

A.S.A.P. recognizes that the cost of childcare is dramatically expensive for families. We also recognize that many households have parents and/or guardians that work longer then their child’s school day. A.S.A.P. prioritizes creating opportunity for families to have access to convenient, quality care that is one-of-a-kind.