Fireworks Fans Look for Fourth of July Celebrations in the Sky

Fireworks Fans Look for Fourth of July Celebrations in the Sky



Many folks plan to watch fireworks displays online or on broadcast TV. One favorite coming back with gusto is Macy’s July 4th Fireworks Show. “Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular” will air on KGW starting at 8:00 pm. The show is returning this year to its pre-pandemic levels of pyrotechnics for July 4th. Below is a video from pre-covid times.

PBS will stream a show as well, check out this link for more info: The show is broadcast to millions of viewers on PBS and streaming platforms as well as to our troops watching around the world on the American Forces Network. Where to watch: PBS, Sunday, July 4, from 8-9:30 p.m. ET. NPR member stations nationwide will broadcast the audio, and the show will also stream on FacebookYouTube and on PBS’ webpage, and be on video on demand from July 4-18.


Below is a list from the Statesman Journal of other community firework displays that are set to return in 2021.

Detroit Strong Revival Celebration

A weekend of celebration including a barbeque, parade and pancake feed will finish up with fireworks over Detroit Lake.

When: Fireworks start at dusk, about 10 p.m., on Saturday, July 3.

Location: Detroit Lake.


Independence Days

The annual event will close each day with fireworks at dusk. A wristband must be purchased in advance and only 8,000 total will be available.

When: Fireworks start at dusk on Saturday and Sunday, July 3 – 4.

Location: Riverview Park, downtown Independence.

Cost: Wristband must be purchased in advance: $2 for ages six and older, free for ages five and younger.


Keizer: Mavericks League

The league may be new but the fireworks tradition at Volcanoes Stadium will continue this year with fireworks displays following the evening games on Friday and Sunday.

When: Following games on Friday and Sunday, July 2 and 4.

Location: Volcanoes Stadium, 6700 Field Of Dreams Way Northeast, Keizer.

Cost: Tickets start at $6.


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Lincoln City

After putting a pause on over 60 years of fireworks last year, the annual display returns with two opportunities. A fireworks display will be offered Saturday over Devils Lake followed by the city-sponsored event on Sunday over Siletz Bay. Both shows offer plenty of viewing opportunities from parks or beaches in the vicinity.

When: Fireworks start at dusk both Saturday and Sunday, July 3 – 4.

Location: Devils Lake on Saturday, Siletz Bay on Sunday.


Mill City

The two-day Fourth of July Celebration in Mill City will feature the ‘Mutt Show’ on Saturday followed by a parade and fireworks display on Sunday.

When: Fireworks at dusk on Sunday, July 4.

Location: Kimmel Park, SE Sixth Ave.


Mt. Angel

A weekend of celebrations will be capped off with live music from the Marion County Citizens Band and a fireworks show on Sunday evening.

When: Concert at 8:30 p.m., fireworks at 10 p.m. Sunday, July 4.

Location: Sports fields between Kennedy High School and Mt. Angel Middle School.

St. Paul Rodeo

The rodeo will close each day with fireworks near the arena following the evening musical performance.

When: Nightly at about 10 p.m., Wednesday to Sunday, June 30 – July 4.

Location: St. Paul Rodeo Arena, 20025 Fourth St. NE.

Cost: Tickets for evening events start at $20.



A fireworks display will return to the Stayton High School grounds on Sunday evening.

When: About 10 p.m., Sunday, July 4.

Location: View from streets around Stayton High School, 757 W Locust St.



Turner will be celebrating with a fireworks display over Turner Lake. No viewing of the fireworks will be allowed from on the lake. There will be a charge to park. Proceeds from parking will go to volunteer organizations from Cascade High School.

When: 9:45 p.m., Sunday, July 4.

Location: Turner Lake Park, 6801 Turner Road SE.

Cost: $10 to park at Turner Lake Park, $5 to park at businesses on Third Street.


Experts Offer Safety Tips for Pets During Holiday Weekend

Experts Offer Safety Tips for Pets During Holiday Weekend

Portland, OR. Did you know the Fourth of July is one of the busiest holidays for DoveLewis? From pets running away due to the loud noises to eating food they shouldn’t have. While fireworks, picnics, and other festivities can be fun for people, the events can be especially frightening and even dangerous for animals. According to experts at the DoveLewis Emergency and Critical Care Facility, loud noises from exploding fireworks, unfamiliar guests, as well as fire hazards, and holiday food can result in stress and injury to pets.

It’s important to keep pets safe during Fourth of July celebrations.

“Make sure pets are safely secured indoors and in a cool place if left at home during Fourth of July celebrations,” said Dr. Sarah Tauber, a veterinarian at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. “Keep your dogs on a leash if you’re out watching fireworks, and keep a safe distance away from any live fireworks shows.”

Pet Hazards:

  • Fireworks danger – Animals can mistake fireworks in shiny packaging for food. Additionally, flames from falling fireworks and sparklers can burn pets.
  • Lost pets – When pets are scared by fireworks or loud noises, they can jump fences or dig their way out of yards, causing them to get lost.
  • Stress – Exploding fireworks, house guests, or routine interruptions can cause stress and anxiety. Stressed pets may experience vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal issues, a decrease in appetite, or aggression.
  • Food – Pets often sneak food during a holiday barbecue or picnic, which can lead to digestion mishaps. Many foods (chocolate, grapes, onions, etc.) can be toxic to animals, while other foods (corn cobs, chicken bones, etc.) can get stuck in the intestines and require surgery.

Safety Tips:

  • Safely secure pets indoors while fireworks are going off. If you have to take your dog outside, make sure to use a leash.
  • If your pet is extra sensitive to loud noises, do not leave your pet alone for extended periods of time. It’s best to keep them in a quiet, sheltered, and escape-proof room or crate. Create your own noise and block outside sights and sounds by lowering blinds, turning on the TV, or playing soothing music.
  • Keep all used and unused fireworks away from animals at all times.
  • Make sure your pet is microchipped and wearing identification tags so that you have a better chance of being reunited in the event that your pet gets lost.
  • If your pet is sensitive to noise, talk to your veterinarian in advance about whether the use of a mild sedative is appropriate.
  • Keep all food out of pets’ reach and make sure trash bags are tightly secured.

If your pet needs emergency veterinary care, DoveLewis is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It is located at 1945 NW Pettygrove Street in Portland or call at 503.228.7281.