Portland, OR.  A message from Editor, Elisa Klein. Portland Society Page is marking its tenth-anniversary publishing nonprofit news for free! 2,217 articles later, we’re still going strong with thousands of weekly readers. We’ve also launched society page websites in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. One of the particularly gratifying roles I’ve enjoyed over the past year is mentoring dozens of interns from up and down the west coast. It has enabled me to share my enthusiasm for journalism with students from UCLA, Berkeley, U of O, University of Washington, and many more universities. Also, a huge thanks to my husband, Steven Klein who has been an enthusiastic supporter and terrific proofreader for the past ten years!

Elisa Klein

Elisa Klein, Editor

The indomitable Betty White who lived to be 99-years-old said, “It’s your outlook on life that counts. If you take yourself lightly and don’t take yourself too seriously, pretty soon you can find the humor in our everyday lives. And sometimes it can be a lifesaver.”

Your interest in the nonprofit community offers hope. Together, let’s look forward to a better and brighter 2022!

Thank you,

Editor and Publisher, Elisa Klein



2021 UPDATE: For a second year, necessary Covid-19 restrictions meant that many volunteers had to stay away from the charities they love. Supporters who usually flock to galas were often social distancing, some organizations moved forward with caution by holding hybrid events. Some sectors, like human services, have seen a surge of donations, while arts organizations have struggled mightily without the benefit of ticket sales.

The generosity of our community remains constant. Donations brought hope to thousands of our friends and neighbors. The thankful include the elderly living alone receiving hot meals, children with learning differences finding support through zoom, brilliant performance artists feeding their families with grant money, and bone-tired frontline workers using donated personal protective equipment.

Now, we’ll share the stories you read most this year in reverse order.


10. Portland knifemaker Alex Horn created commemorative knives from the rubble of the Twin Towers. 

Portland Knifemaker Raises Money for 9/11 Charity by Creating Knives From Twin Towers Rubble

9. The Home Builders Foundation (HBF) raised a record amount to help build and renovate shelters.

Home Builders Foundation Raises a Record $510,000 With In-Person Benefit

8. The Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation announced new funds that will be distributed to local nonprofits.

Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation on Track to Grant $9 Million in 2021

7. ‘Top ten stories from 2020’ was a popular article. 

Top Ten Portland Society Page Stories of 2020

6. Nike co-founder Phil Knight and his wife Penny ranked 4th nationally in philanthropic giving for 2020.

Phil and Penny Knight Rank 4th in Nation for Charitable Donations in 2020

5. The 2021 Christmas Ships Parade was a hit.

2021 Christmas Ships Parade Ready to Set Sail

4. Portland Parks & Recreation brought back some popular programs for summer 2021.

Portland Parks & Recreation Revives 2021 Summer Programming

3. People were ready to get “glammed up” again!

Dazzling Post-Covid Social Events Call for ‘Revenge Glamour’

2. The search was on for 4th of July fireworks.

Fireworks Fans Look for Fourth of July Celebrations in the Sky

  1. The Thayer Family Foundation raised $535,000 with an outdoor in-person gala.

Thayer Family Foundation Raises $535,000 to Help House Veterans

So there you have it, the most-read stories of 2021 on Portland Society Page! We look forward to providing our coverage of local nonprofit news in 2022. Upward on onward!