Portland, OR. Each day, more than 8,000 children are in Oregon’s foster care system. They need stable, supportive, and loving foster parents. Boys & Girls Aid is offering online foster care information sessions this winter. There’s a lot to learn according to educators, “Our info sessions are low-key opportunities for you to gather information about foster parenting, and to meet our amazing Outreach Coordinator.

Here’s a video about the experience of being a foster parent:

According to Boys & Girls Aid, “The need for foster parents is still urgent. To join our meeting from the comfort of your own home, please register below to an online info session, our Outreach Coordinator will contact you and provide you with a link to join our free online info session.”

In 1885, Boys & Girls Aid was founded in response to a crisis. Children were being abandoned on the streets of Portland with nowhere to go. The agency created a home for these children to go to and connect in the community to find families for them.  

You may register online here: https://www.boysandgirlsaid.org/fostercare.

You can also contact Outreach Coordinator Katie Matten, email [email protected] or call 971.320.9840.

Here are the upcoming dates:

Learn about fostering with Boys & Girls Aid
Thursday, January 28th 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Online info session

Learn about fostering with Boys & Girls Aid
Wednesday, February 3rd 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Online info session

Learn about fostering with Boys & Girls Aid
Thursday, February 18th 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Online info session

From Boys & Girls Aid:

This is Boys & Girls Aid’s solution. Children in foster care need families who know their history and are invested in their future. The cycle of foster care is a brutal one that ends with children struggling as adults. To avoid this, we need to ensure their future safety and resolve their past traumas by connecting them with a forever family.

Our journey to end the cycle of foster care is not one we want to go at alone. Join us in building a better future for children in Oregon.

Over 135 years later and Oregon is facing a new crisis.

More than 8,000 children are living in Oregon’s foster care system. This morning, these children woke up in a bed that is not theirs, they are living without their parents, their siblings, their family pet, their teachers, and friends. They are living in limbo, unsure about their future.