A Lifestyle Story: Skiers are getting the hang of adhering to new Covid-19 restrictions at Mount Hood Meadows (MHM). Many have been impressed with the respect shown by others.

Physical distancing, face masks, regular sanitizing, individual responsibility, and accountability are required for guests and employees.

Skiers must buy tickets in advance, so here’s a link: https://www.skihood.com/ Mount Hood Meadows is the largest ski resort on Mount Hood. It’s located about 67 miles east of Portland.

MHM spokesperson, Dave Tragethon explains how skiers should think about hitting the slopes. “Think of Meadows as your fitness and meditation center. Come on up, get your workout, spend time reflecting, gain some insight, and then head back down the mountain refreshed. Make room for others who are in need of this same enrichment.”

The team at Meadows put together a video of one “Bluebird Day” in mid-December, with, “Fresh snow from the night before, temps in the teens, and a great groom. A lot of mountain open, with all six high-speed quads, plus four other lifts operating, helped spread out the crowd.”

Dave Tragethon explains that messaging about being patient and kind is resonating with skiers who have taken 2020 suggestions to heart, including:

  • Giving each other space at the lift lines
  • Observing and respecting the indoor capacity signage
  • Sharing outdoor dining space – limiting their time to the allotted 30 minutes and only for those who have purchased
  • Giving space on shuttle buses and in the queuing lines
  • Being considerate of those who are arriving for the noon and 2 PM shifts. Once you’ve got your turns in, head out to make room for others coming in
  • If Meadows reaches parking capacity, don’t park in other Sno-Parks, such as Teacup – leave room for others who want to cross country ski or snowshoe. There is no shuttling service to these Sno-Parks, and hiking is dangerous

“We thank all those who are putting others first while protecting themselves by wearing face masks properly at all times in our parking lots, lodge and deck areas, in lift lines, and on the lifts. Let’s take this spirit of caring for each other another step when planning our time on the mountain.”

Liftlines can be a bit longer than usual even though attendance is limited. Because of Covid-19, skiers are no longer seated four across with people from outside of their families. Most skiers ride up two at a time.

Masks are required on chairlifts and in lift lines.

Covid-19 protocols also necessitate that masks or face coverings are required:

•    Indoors at all times (except when eating)
•    On shuttles
•    In parking lots
•    All other outdoor locations where you can’t maintain six feet of distance from those not in your party

From Mount Hood Meadows, here are answers to FAQ:

Are reservations required? Season pass holders don’t need a reservation. Lift tickets must be purchased online in advance by at least 3 PM the day before you want to come up. Lessons and rentals must be purchased at least 48 hours in advance online. We will not sell any tickets, lessons or rentals at the resort this season.When do I need to purchase a lift ticket? Tickets must be purchased online in advance by at least 3 PM the day before you want to come up. Lessons and rentals need to be purchased online at least 48 hours in advance.What days can I use my Value Pass? Value Passes are valid every day, but on Peak Days they won’t work until 2 PM. Peak Days are December 26 – January 3, Saturdays and Sundays from January to March 7, MLK and Presidents Day Mondays. Get all the details on our Value Pass FAQ page.What if I want to use my Value Pass during the day on a Peak Day? You will need to purchase a ticket to ride during the day on a Peak Day.

When is my Night Pass valid? Night Passes are valid starting December 16, 2020, Wednesday through Sunday nights (from 2 to 9 PM), as well as extended night operations during the holidays. Night operations are scheduled to run through early March.

Do I need a reservation with my USSA Gold Pass? No, but you do need to pick up a ticket from the Concierge Desk.

Do I need a reservation with my Elite Pass? No, you can either purchase a pass and piece of media for $12 for the season, or just a piece of media for $2 and come have it reloaded at the Ticket Booth when you want to use it.

I have a season pass, but couldn’t park in the lot because it was full. Is there anything you can do? We are sorry you didn’t get in the lot. On busy days, we recommend getting here early or planning on coming up in the evening for night skiing and riding.

What if I come up without a Season Pass or lift ticket – can I take my chances? No, sorry lift tickets, lessons and rentals must be purchased online in advance. We will not be selling these at the resort this season.

What if I lost my pass? You can get a new piece of RFID media to replace your lost pass for $2 at the ticket booth outside the main lodge, or at the ticket windows at HRM.