Portland, OR. On March 6th, the local environmental nonprofit SOLVE kicked off its 50th Anniversary at Hotel deLuxe. Kris Carico, SOLVE’s recently promoted CEO, took time to thank Peter and Julie Stott, and SOLVE’s former Executive Director, Jack McGowan.

The event was co-hosted by Peter Stott and Dave Robertson. Special guests included Tad McCall (son of Tom McCall who founded SOLVE in 1969) and Jack and Jan McGowan (a well-loved pair that ran SOLVE for years) among other longtime supporters. Tad and Jack spoke passionately about the organization’s history and its importance. SOLVE organizes an average of 2-3 environmental projects per day across Oregon, resulting in hundreds of thousands of pounds of litter removed, thousands of acres of invasive species removed, and thousands of native trees and shrubs planted every year.

Tad McCall inspires the crowd as he describes growing up with Governor Tom and Audrey McCall, and their positive political and environmental influence.

March 2019 has been proclaimed SOLVE Month by Governor Kate Brown because of SOLVE’s significant contributions to Oregon over the past 50 years through extensive community engagement efforts that improve the state’s reputation as being environmentally responsible.


Our mission is simple: to bring Oregonians together to improve our environment and build a legacy of stewardship.

As SOLVE turns 50, we have a lot to celebrate. A half-century of bringing people together, from all walks of life and every corner of the state. Of getting people out and answering the call. Cleaning up our beaches, parks, neighborhoods and natural spaces. Reaching out, digging in and picking up. By restoring vitality, planting new beginnings and keeping invaders at bay. Developing diverse relationships. By partnering, collaborating and engaging. Honoring the pioneers of our past and building on their legacy. Together. With an unstoppable force of volunteers, thirty thousand strong and one hundred percent committed. We are individuals, businesses, neighbors, families and friends. These are our communities. Our unique places. Our rivers and streams, lakes and mountains, land and sea. Our pride and joy. It’s in our nature to protect it for generations to come. Together, we are taking care of Oregon.