Portland, OR. Luxury home builder Gerald Rowlett, Westlake Development Group, wanted to do something more for Oregon Veterans at this year’s NW Natural Street of Dreams event, so he disrupted the showcase of super-sized homes and had a 204 square-foot tiny home built to benefit Oregon Veterans. Rowlett handed out checks from the sale of the Tiny House to three veteran organizations. Dennis Carter and John Steinbaugh represented the veterans nonprofit Forward Assist. (Photo credit, Brian Merritt, Media & Image Consulting, Inc.)

Dale Pack, Post Commander Hillsboro Martin J. Ryan VFW 2666; Gerald Rowlett, Westlake Development Group

Ken Buckles, Remembering America’s Heroes; Malinda Buckles, Remembering America’s Heroes; Gerald Rowlett, Westlake Development Group

Remembering America’s Heroes Evening of Honor; Clackamas County

Remembering America’s Heroes Evening of Honor; Clackamas County

Checks totaling $30,000 were presented and divided equally among the organizations and presented during the Evening of Honor November 7th. “We wanted to shake things up this year at the Street of Dreams and help families through the various non-profit veterans organizations,” says Gerald Rowlett. “While we take pride in all of our large homes, nothing compares to assisting those in need and we found that our tiny house, also known as a mini mansion accomplished our goal.”

More than 40 sponsors were involved in the construction, design and marketing of Tiny House with a Big Dream. “Seeing the fruits of our labor after 100+ people work on a project bringing product together to create a platform has made me really proud to help these charities in need.”

“The Benefit to Tiny Innovations as a Company and myself personally to be involved in this year’s Tiny Home with a Big Dream Project was the ability to give back to the bravest most selfless individuals I have ever met,” says Jeremy Killian, Owner/Builder Tiny Innovations. “I am more than thankful to be part of such an amazing project.”

Affectionately named “Amelia” by Empty Nest Tiny Homes M.J. Boyle says, “Veterans deserve the best we can give, and this tiny house project was indeed the best way I know how to give back to them for their service. All the hard work and time spent on this build, was indeed a tiny sacrifice when compared to the sacrifices they make, every day, for our country’s freedom.”

U.S. Navy Veteran Mike Premi, Intel A.I. manager, purchased the Tiny House to make a difference in the lives of veterans and families. Premi is skilled at reaching out to veterans of all ages and being of service to them.