Hillsboro, OR. Are you in the market for a tiny home? The sale of a 204 square foot home at the NW Natural Street of Dreams (SOD) will benefit Oregon veterans through organizations including Forward Assist and Remembering America’s Heroes. There’s a online auction for the house, presented by Westlake Development Group, until August 28 at 11:59 pm with hopes that bids will exceed the $120,000 value. Here’s the link: https://tinyhousewithabigdream.com/ 

UPDATE – Winning Bid: $83,100.00

tiny house benefit

The tiny house was made possible by Over 50 companies who donated more than $100,000 in materials and hundreds of hours in volunteer labor. It was a big attraction at the 5th annual “Celebrate Veterans Day” at the Street of Dreams on August 7th. Local veterans and their families enjoyed listening to live music, as well as perusing the streets adorned with military vehicles and tents filled with veteran’s memorabilia. (Photo credit, Beverly Brooks, Media & Image Consulting) 

Kim Hussey and SPC Alexander Hussey, wounded veteran.

Gerard Rowlett, Westlake Development custom homebuilder, and the driving force behind the tiny house benefit, help host the event. 

Mayor Steve Callaway, City of Hillsboro; Gerald Rowlett, Westlake Development Group, Kelly Rowlett, Westlake Development Group; Sue Rowlett, Westlake Development Group

Here’s more information about the Tiny House Project. 

From Westlake Development Group:

This year’s event was complete with a complimentary lunch sponsored by Parr lumber, with a special flag raising ceremony to honor current and past service members. After the ceremony, guests were greeted by Gerald, who proudly thanked everyone for attending, and stated the purpose of this special day: “We’re here to bring awareness, and take that awareness, generate some dollars so that we can help get that back into the areas that are needed in our veterans communities”

“You’re going to look around today and you’re going to see a lot of heroes” Gerald noted, acknowledging some of the heroes in attendance. Alex Hussey, for example, an injured veteran who has been positively affected by the generosity of the homebuilding community, being offered keys to a customized accessible home built for him.

Hillsboro Mayor, Steve Callaway, attended the event in support as well, contributing to the “Who’s YOUR Hero?” poster located outside the SOD’s tiny house. All guests are encouraged to consider the heroes in their lives, and write their inspiration on the poster.

Rowlett is no stranger to veterans philanthropy. Since 2014, he helped create and sustain the annual Celebrate Veterans Day at the SOD, along with holding veterans fundraisers. In 2015, Westlake Development created the Veterans Steering Committee, which is committed to giving back to our veterans community. This year’s tiny house is a continuation of Rowlett’s passion for supporting veterans and their families, and its dream is to raise enough money to actively make a difference in local veterans’ lives.