Portland, OR. The Oregon Humane Society honored heroic people and pets at the annual Diamond Collar Awards luncheon on February 28th. “The OHS Diamond Collar Awards are a wonderful way to honor the people and pets who are making a difference in our community,” said Sharon Harmon, OHS President and CEO. Harmon hosted the awards with KGW chief meteorologist Matt Zaffino. Recipients were recognized for their kindness, diplomacy, resiliency and courage. Their inspiring stories represent OHS’s vision of a more humane society.

The Diamond Collar Awards are also one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the Oregon Humane Society and the organization is still working to raise funds. Wentworth SubaruCity and Subaru of America were the presenting sponsors of the event and have offered to match donations, up to $10,000, to OHS through Monday, March 4. 

Piper, above right, a Diamond Collar Award recipient, with her owner Twila Coleman at the Awards luncheon.

Picasso’s unique face has been seen around the world. He is seen here with his owner Leisl Wilhardt

Howard Hedinger greets a friendly puppy during the OHS Diamond Collar Awards

A meet and greet with adoptable puppies and kittens were part of the finale at the Diamond Collar Awards

Sam Madison and Dolorosa Margulis give a little kitten a chin scratch at the OHS Diamond Collar Awards

Oregon Humane Society Special Agent Austin Wallace with Diamond Collar honoree Piper with her owner, Twila Coleman. Piper: A victim of animal neglect, Piper’s case has created new dialogue about the intersection of animal and human abuse. 

Award recipients include a compassionate veterinarian from Klamath County; a dog whose road to recovery saved a young girl’s life; a canine social media superstar; and a horse rescue powerhouse.

The winners include:  

Picasso: The dog with a twisted snout who became a social media superstar and taught the world that it’s ok to look different. Watch the video about Picasso. 

Piper: A victim of animal neglect, Piper’s case has created new dialogue about the intersection of animal and human abuse. Watch the video about Piper.

Dr. Doug McInnis: The veterinarian who created the Klamath County Animal Control Task Force – connecting the district attorneys with animal control, law enforcement, and veterinarians to address animal neglect and abuse. Watch the video about Dr. McInnis.   

Sound Equine Options: SEO’s robust network of foster homes provides care, rehabilitation, and training for neglected horses. Watch the video about SEO



The Oregon Humane Society is the Northwest’s oldest and largest humane society, with one of the highest adoption rates in the nation. OHS receives no government funds for its adoption, education and animal cruelty investigation programs. Visit oregonhumane.org for more information.