Portland, OR. Project Runway designer, Seth Aaron, made news at Portland’s FashioNXT show with what’s described as, “The world’s first 3D printed designer shoe collection.” (FashioNXT supports the nonprofits Girls Inc. and Oregon Active.)

Seth Aaron said of his shoes made with a 3D printer, “There are three things that make this collaboration special. First, whatever I can design, they can create. We go from concept to the runway in less than 8 weeks, while fashion design traditionally leads the market by 12 to 18 months.

“Second, they are sustainable. As the father of two children, I care about the world we leave them. The shoes are made from recycled and recyclable products. At the end of their life, we don’t toss them into a landfill, we make them into new shoes.

“Third, we are bringing fashion manufacturing home. These designs and the customers who buy them will create high paying jobs in America.”

FashioNXT founder and CEO, Tito Chowdhury said, “So much of what has been done in 3d printed fashion is like art, to be appreciated, but not lived. This innovative collaboration redefines the relationship between technology and fashion. People will wear the shoes, not because of the technology, but because they are fashionable.” For more information on buying the shoes, Visit www.Feetz.com.

There were dozens of runway shows over the four days including a finale for UpNXT emerging designers accelerator.

The 2017 UpNXT winner was Minnie Opal by Sundari Devi.

2017 UpNXT Winner Minnie Opal by Sundari Devi

2017 UpNXT Winner Minnie Opal by Sundari Devi


Seth Aaron: Seth Aaron is the 2010 winner of Lifetime’s Emmy-winning fashion design show Project Runway and 2014 winner of Project Runway All-Stars. Seth has provided fashion commentary for Lifetime, Marie Claire, E!, and Style. Seth launching his Spring/Sunnier 2018 Collection at FashioNXT Oct.13th, including the Seth Aaron Collection of 3D printed shoes by Feetz.

For more information, visit www.sethaaronfashion.com or email Seth Aaron.

Feetz: Feetz is a technology company based out of San Diego that designs custom-fit, sustainably made, 3D printed shoes. With 300+ color and customization options, Feetz is the first company to use advanced technology to create wearable 3D printed shoes, completely customized to be the perfect fit for any individual. Feetz shoes are manufactured locally and sustainably, as the company uses only recycled and recyclable materials, zero water and less waste. Available in a variety of styles for women and men, Feetz can be purchased directly on their website.

For more information: Visit www.Feetz.com, contact [email protected] or call (800) 503-8823

FashioNXT: FashioNXT presents fashion forward lifestyle on the runway and the lifestyle plaza. FashioNXT showcases the exquisite upcoming season collections of local, national and international designers and the creative edge in lifestyle technology and brands. FashioNXT Portland is a sustainable production through the support of Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). FashioNXT Portland receives verified/certified Renewable Energy Certificates ensuring that only green energy was used in association with this event and Water Restoration Certificates replacing water used with potable water. For more information about the runway shows and tickets see: http://www.fashionxt.com or call CEO Tito Chowdhury at (503) 756-1412.