Lake Oswego, OR. The spotlight is on artists every year at the annual Festival of the Arts in Lake Oswego. Visitors see artists like Lisa Jensen whose work was featured in the exhibit, Artist’s Vision: The Skies Opened. It was one of the exhibits that drew thousands of people to the community nine miles south of Portland last weekend.

More than 18,000 people attended the event this year to see more than 1,400 pieces of art from 10 states.

Cindi Lommasson demonstrates her unique techniques with Chinese Brush Painting in the Open Show Pavilion Tent during festival.

Young artists experiment with colored pencils similar to the ones used in the special exhibit entitled, “Beyond the Point” the fine art of colored pencil and graphite,” At Lakewood Center for the Arts. This year’s chosen medium was the pencil—both colored and graphite—dry and water-soluble.

Artist Dee Waggoner poses with her piece entitled “Serenity.” Her art was featured on the cover of the Festival 2017 program guide.

Colored pencil artist Richard Helmick, explains his technique to an art enthusiast.

The community nurtures artists. 39 artists received cash prizes from Festival Sponsors for their work within one of the 6 Festival art exhibits.

The festival wrapped up its run at the end of June, but the next exhibit at the Lakewood Center for the Arts will feature Corinna Campbell-Sack July 18 – September 11th.

From the Lakewood Center for the Arts:

The Festival is a non-profit event created by Lakewood Center for the Arts. Click here to make a contribution. 

The Festival, an event created by Lakewood Center for the Arts, is a major regional arts event located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Lake Oswego is located 9 miles south of Portland, Oregon. The Festival presents the creative endeavors of recognized and emerging artists and enjoys an outstanding reputation for bringing special exhibits of quality and diversity to a weekend that is accessible to everyone. Attracting some 25,000 visitors during the three days of the event, the Festival includes several art exhibits, food booths, music, and fine art and craft.