Portland, May 21st, 2015. Thousands of TV views marked the Memorial Day weekend by supporting services to vets. Thanks to the generosity of KPTV’s audience and the enthusiasm of their news team, Lines for Life was able to raise nearly $35,000 to support its military crisis lines. Last year the nonprofit answered over 13,000 calls from vets and their families in crisis. This year, Lines for Life is on pace to answer 25,000 calls. Amy Troy KPTV, Fiona Milligan Director of Development Lines for Life, Wayne Garcia KPTV, Dwight Holton CEO Lines for Life, and Cameron Smith Director Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs posed for a photo at the telethon.

Lines for Life is a non-profit dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide because they touch so many families in our society. We have served thousands of people with addiction, mental health and suicide intervention services, treatment referral and drug prevention education.

Our suicide LifeLine is available free not only to those in crisis, but to concerned friends & family members who sense something seriously amiss and need information on what actions they should take. (800) 273-TALK

The Military Helpline offers free, anonymous assistance 24/7/365 to active duty service members, veterans and their families through telephone and text support.

Our YouthLine offers a confidential teen-to-teen phone line and texting to help youth deal with bullying, depression, substance abuse or other issues that can make those years especially painful.

The Alcohol & Drug Helpline offers crisis counseling and referrals to appropriate treatment options.

The Lines for Life staff works closely with schools, parents, treatment professionals, law enforcement and the military. We train and support community anti-drug coalitions. We lead public awareness campaigns on underage drinking, youth access to alcohol and reducing illegal drug use.