Portland, April 18th, 2015. The fifth annual Swing into Spring Fundraiser was held at Riverside Golf and Country Club.  175 guests gathered to support The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center’s mission to provide mental health services to all regardless of faith or finances.  Over $50,00 was raised to provide these services.  At the event, Barbara and Richard Katz received the Compassionate Heart Award for their many years of support to the Center. They are pictured with their family members: Barbara Katz, Ben Katz, Betsy Kat, and Richard Katz (Photo credit, Soulayvanh Beisel)

Michelle Meyer*, Cyndy Smith-English*, Beth Sorensen*, Colby Westhead*

Michelle Meyer, Cyndy Smith-English, Beth Sorensen, and Colby Westhead

The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center supports and strengthens our community by providing professional mental health services to all, regardless of faith or finances.

All people, regardless of social, economic or religious circumstances, have access to professional mental health counseling. The community recognizes the importance of good mental health and value of accessible mental health care, understanding that appropriate counseling and medication management leads to positive social outcomes: healthier relationships, more stable families, more effective parenting, decreased domestic violence, more productive employees, decreased criminal activity, and wiser use of financial resources.

The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center commits its professional, creative, and fiscal resources to the compassionate care of each person it encounters.  The non-profit agency serves a wide variety of people and has a special commitment to women and children, who bear the greatest weight of the dual burdens of poverty and mental health issues.  Staff members employ a broad range of therapeutic models and tools, all focused on the healing and well-being of clients. The organization draws support from a broad cross-section of community partners, including clients, care-providers, organizations, and individual supporters.  While always keeping client care at the forefront, the organization utilizes a successful business model and sound fiscal policies, ensuring its ability to always provide mental health care for those requesting it.

We believe in:

Justice – receiving health care as a basic right
Compassion – nurturing hope and healing
Collaboration – partnering with clients, the community and our staff
Excellence – assuring the highest level of care for all

Photo by Soulayvanh Beisel