Timberline, August 23rd, 2013. The 12,600 runners and 3,600 volunteers work to minimize environmental impact.  The Hood To Coast and Portland To Coast Relays are making a sustained effort to integrate policies and programs throughout all operational aspects to minimize its environmental impact along the 199 mile course.

Lopez Lamong (center) 2008 USA Olympic flag bearer and 2012 Olympian, fresh off his return from the Moscow World Championships is ready to tackle the course and keep it green.

The start was a bit damp, but runners charged out of the gates! The race also benefits the nonprofit Providence Cancer Center this year.

The start was a bit damp, but runners charged out of the gates up at timberline.

With a nod to sustainability, organizers suggested the following:

  • Plastic recycling receptacles at ALL Exchanges, as well as Start and Finish Areas!
  • As a benefit to all participants, all handbooks are printed on post-consumer recycled paper.
  • Honored with RecycleWorks Award by The City of Portland for environmentally sustainable business practices.
  • Mandatory online registration
  • Use of biodegradable plates/utensils at Finish Area Food Garden and catering.
  • All race bibs are recycle-friendly!
  • Donation past season merchandise, race and volunteer shirts.

They said, “We challenge participants to engage in more environmentally connected and conscious actions to protect the beauty of the local Oregon terrain. HTC/PTC continues to strive to understand and offset the effects of participant activities, thus creating long-term environmental programs that benefit everyone.”

The race also benefits the nonprofit Providence Cancer Center this year. Here’s some information about the nonprofit:

At Providence Cancer Center, patients and families benefit from some of the finest, most complete cancer services in the world, including the best in diagnostic imaging, state-of-the-art treatments, nationally renowned-research, and compassionate counseling and support. Funds raised for Providence Cancer Center will support cancer research, patient support services, and cancer treatment.