Finding the Funny in a Covid-Safe Valentine’s Day

Finding the Funny in a Covid-Safe Valentine’s Day

A Lifestyle story. Portland, OR. Some singles put romance on hold to avoid Covid-19, but Isabel Klein just went on 52 dates—a date a week for a year. “I dated through the pandemic and did NOT get COVID! Take that Covid!” Klein exclaimed. “It was a simple screening process. Imagine a windowless interrogation room, naked light bulb swinging overhead, and me screaming in a guy’s face ‘You got an N95? You sing your ABC while you wash your hands?’ But seriously, it’s all about communication.” Klein is pictured above with (Covid-negative) podcast co-host Ryan Opton. (Photo by Julia Donlon) Klein talks about dating on a new Podcast. Date a Week listeners can check it out for free on Spotify. 

The Oregon native/LA-based comedic actress became an authority on dating while waiting for the entertainment industry to re-start.

The funny girl/dating expert blogs about her journey on “A lot of cringe-worthy things happened, so I used it as fodder for TikTok videos, and they took off.” The 24-year-old plays multiple parts as she recreates dates at her handle, @frizzyhairizzy. One of her #dateaweekla TikToks has already been viewed over 2 million times.

Klein explained, “I went on 52 dates! Speed dating on an app, blind date setups, virtual cookie making, I’ve done it all. I got stiffed by a guy who ‘forgot his wallet’ and went on over a dozen of social distance walks. But I never found a sexy way to pick up my dog’s poop.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Isabel Klein is offering advice to singles.

Top Three Valentine’s Dating Tips:

  1. Start with a FaceTime date. It’s safe and helps prevent romantic letdowns. Pre-screen with a ‘Covid talk’ to ensure prospective sweethearts are using best practices.
  2. Make a commitment to date regularly. It takes the pressure off individual dates so you’re freer to be yourself. If a date’s a bust, even on Valentine’s Day, there’s always next week.
  3. Put yourself out there! It is not an act of desperation; it’s a bold, empowering, and intentional search for love!

“Look, if I can do it, you can do it,” Klein said. “Before I committed to going on a date a week, I got so nervous would dry heave before walking out the door. Last year I finally made overcoming my fears a priority.” It’s a technique that’s also working for readers who are trying it for themselves. Many offer Testimonials on

Klein hoping others will follow her lead and face their anxiety by committing to date more frequently.

Like other singles, Klein had to pivot during the pandemic but didn’t want to stop meeting new people. “It’s a hard time to be alone. There’s not much to do because of Covid and we all need human connection.” Klein has a list of safety tips on her blog. “I’m not taking any chances. Covid-19 is serious business. Also, I can’t lose my sense of smell and taste, because Frappuccinos and chocolate croissants are my life.”

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