Portland, OR. The 18th annual Changing Destinies Luncheon was held in the Knight Nation’s gym. Students were excited to showcase what makes De La Salle North Catholic (DLSNC) special: its Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). Pictured above are Colleen Thrift, Ashleigh DeVilliers, and Carolyn Murphy. (Photo Credit, Andrea Lonas)

student and Brother Rafael Rodriguez, FSC

A student helps Brother Rafael Rodriguez, FSC, address the attendees at the April 27 fundraiser.

Joanne Bruno and Kristine Wilkins

Mary Boyle, Gay Jacobsen, Cyndy Maletis, Barbara Silver

Gail Jubitz is pictured with a student

School leaders say they were grateful to Portland community for helping raise $347,000. This means a significant 89% of the students will now receive the much-needed financial aid.

De La Salle North Catholic isn’t just any high school. It’s the only one in the Pacific Northwest that offers a unique blend of top-notch college preparatory education and a corporate work-study program, specially designed for the students of Portland who need it most. With the help of corporate partners, students to take control of their future through quality education.

For those who want to learn more about the nonprofit’s mission and how it is transforming lives, head over to www.delasallenorth.org.