Portland, OR. The Puparazzi Photo Contest raised funds for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Fans submitted photos and supporters voted by donating money which went to the nonprofit; it was $1/vote. The winning photo entry for the K-9 Buddies category was Nessa. She had the photo above snapped during her first day on the job with Hannah and Emma. This is the eighth year of the contest and its most successful yet with nearly $40,000 raised.

Winners of the Guide Dog Puppies category, littermates Molly, Marv, and Madras, at their favorite restaurant.

Winner of the Working GDB Guide Dog category, Jagger, is pictured with his handler Tony. He and Jagger are enjoying some gorgeous spring flowers.

Waffle and Cabot were the GDB Breeder Dog category winners! They are pictured here relaxing on a nice day by the water.

The winners of the GDB Career Change Dogs category, Jamar and Jambo, are pictured striking a pose in the garden.

This year, the contest raised nearly $40,000 as the participants campaigned to raise money by rallying their friends and family to vote for their photo. An impressive 233 photos were submitted. The winners from the five GDB organizational categories have a chance of being featured in the 2021-2022 Guide Dogs for the Blind calendar, which will be distributed to over 100,000 households in the US and Canada.

This photo contest is one of the major fundraisers for the nonprofit, and provides a creative and interactive platform to donate funds to a life-changing cause. Guide Dogs for the Blind does not receive any government funding and depends on the generous support of its community and donors.

From Guide Dogs for the Blind:

Interested in supporting and learning about Guide Dogs for the Blind? GDB has another upcoming fundraising event that is open to the public and is free: It’s annual Canine Heroes Gala. The gala will be virtual this year, so attendees have the opportunity to experience cute puppies in training, meet dashing guide dogs, and hear from some amazing GDB clients, all from the comfort of your own home. There will also be a puppy delivery! Join GDB for the event on Sunday, June 6th at 5pm PT. Read more about this fundraising event at https://www.guidedogs.com/events/canine-heroes-gala.