Portland, OR. Advantis Credit Union is teaming up with Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) to help students with online learning. The $20,000 grant to SEI represents the first of many funded projects that are part of its new Advantis Allies for Good community giving program, an ongoing commitment to allocating one-third of its annual community giving budget to programs supporting underrepresented and marginalized communities. Partnering with SEI to support those who need it most – in this case, disenfranchised students seeking an education and their families – is a part of Advantis’ renewed community giving commitment. Jason Werts, Advantis President and CEO, explains how the credit union is making an effort to lift up, “people of color, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented communities.”

Like millions of students across the country, many Oregon students are still struggling with distance learning due to problematic and spotty Internet connections at home.

While districts evaluate in-person classroom time, distance learning will continue for most students. Advantis’ $20,000 SEI grant will directly help local economically disadvantaged students who are impacted the most by online access and connectivity issues. It will provide greater bandwidth to increase internet accessibility for 66 households throughout the metro area, making it easier for students to attend and participate in online classes and other learning activities.

“The kindness and generosity of Advantis Credit Union will play a powerful role in connecting disenfranchised students and their families to education,” said Tony Hopson, SEI President, and CEO. “By providing access to the resources of the internet, as well as receiving technical and educational support, families will have new opportunities to grow their skills and successfully increase their access to information.”

“As a co-op, we are committed to our founding principle of ‘people helping people’ and we’re reshaping our community giving to drive positive change,” said Werts. “Our SEI grant to help students and families access critical education programs online is simply the beginning for us as we support addressing the inequality gap among Black, Brown, Indigenous.”

Advantis Aims to Drive Positive Change by Introducing New Giving Program to supporting communities that have faced historical and ongoing exclusion and underrepresentation. Through the financial support of nonprofits dedicated to helping these communities, education and resource initiatives, new products and services, and volunteer service, the program aims to create greater opportunity and representation within marginalized communities. Advantis’ grant to SEI is the first investment that the credit union has made through its Allies for Good program.

About Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI)

Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) is dedicated to guiding underserved youth to realize their full potential. Working with schools, families, and partner community organizations, SEI provides support, guidance, and opportunities to achieve personal and academic success. SEI brings hope to individual young people and enhances the quality of community life. For more information, visit selfenhancement.org.

About Advantis Credit Union

With $1.8 billion in assets, Advantis Credit Union is Oregon’s sixth-largest not-for-profit financial cooperative. Advantis returns earnings to its members in the form of better rates, low fees, and more free services. Advantis is locally owned by over 79,000 members and has nine branches in the Portland metro area. For more information, visit advantiscu.org.