Seattle, Wa. The Pacific Science Center continues to connect with the Seattle-are community by hosting in-person science camps for kids K-8 and online experiences. Virtual camps for Curious Minds are “hands-on experiences this summer from the comfort of your home.” This multiple-week event allows children to explore “different activities and experiments around a theme, as well as ways to connect with other campers in this new, digital way. Group sizes are kept small and led by two virtual counselors so that experiences are interactive and engaging”. There is still time to sign up for the camps which run through August 28th. The camps are listed here.

A preview for Camps for Curious Minds hosted by Pacific Science Center.

For non-camp related events, there’s also a program called Curiosity at Home. This is an online virtual classroom that is “curating science learning materials for kids and families! Check back often for new content to inspire learners of all ages”. This webpage has many options for children and parents to explore and learn various topics being taught at the Pacific Science Center. An activity included is utilizing the video game Minecraft that allows a user to explore various planets and materials found inside this virtual world. For an interactive approach to exploring more, there are also virtual events and live-streams. These can be found on Facebook and YouTube Live. This virtual classroom allows children to “join us and meet some of our animals, caretakers, educators, and scientists in the community, as well as try fun at-home experiments”. There are new live shows being published on YouTube every week. Going over various topics in STEM and exploring other sciences and their properties in 20-30 minute videos.

Staying Safe and Curious during the Curiosity Summer Camp -2020.

The Pacific Science Center is also providing links to talk about more serious subjects with children and families. Such as “Talking to Kids about Race and Racism” where Pacific Science Center gives resources that help make understanding of such a hard but necessary topic. Other resources given explain the celebration of Juneteenth as well as many other subjects based on race. There are also documentary suggestions to help explain climate change and how it affects our environment around us. For parents, there are educator’s guides to help coach children through various subjects. The Pacific Science Center’s goal is to help people understand the “Science is for everyone. We believe that curiosity and critical thinking are essential to equity and justice for all. We embrace science as a process of inquiry, discovery, and problem-solving that helps us better understand our universe and each other. Science has the power to connect people and to develop solutions for the common good”.

Experimenting with Ooze at the Curiosity Summer Camp -2020,

Pacific Science Center Mission Statement: 

Pacific Science Center ignites curiosity in every child and fuels a passion for discovery, experimentation, and critical thinking in all of us.

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