Portland, OR. Pittock Mansion’s current exhibit, Mount Hood Perspectives, is now available to view online. The exhibit is a juried community art show featuring the artistic interpretations of Portland’s most famous natural focal point by local photographers and artists. The gallery features photographs, like Joe Whittington‘s The Pearly Gates, which can be purchased through the site’s secure web store.
You can also take an interesting and educational virtual tour of the Pittock Mansion, which includes some “off-limit” staff areas. Check out this link: Pittock Mansion Virtual Tour. 

Supporters hope the tour will whet your appetite for an in-person visit when the historic mansion reopens.

Pittock Mansion’s Mount Hood Perspectives was created by curators to draw visitors. Outreach for the exhibit includes this explanation: Mount Hood is a key part of Portland’s skyline, seated atop the Cascade Range to the east of the city. Residents and visitors alike look forward to when the clouds part and the mountain is visible, admiring how its snowy slopes vary from hour to hour, season to season. Discover artistic interpretations of this Portland icon by local artists. Click through the artists’ names below for more information and to view their online portfolios.
“It was particularly hard to close the Mansion during this exhibit because the art show features the work of local artists,” Curator Patti Larkin explains. “So we are excited that this exhibit is now available online for people to enjoy, while also providing an opportunity for individuals to support a section of our community that has been hit hard by the current situation.”

All the artwork is on display at the mansion, but the COVID19 closure has made viewing impossible right now.

Jarred Decker’s “St. Johns Fog” is an Aluminum chromaprint.

Harley Talkington’s “Bloom With A View” was created with Soft Pastels.

The exhibit is scheduled to be on view both online and when the Pittock Mansion reopens. Any artwork that is purchased will be available for pick-up after the exhibit closes. Shipping options are also available.
From Pittock Mansion:
With picture-perfect views of rivers, forests, bridges, and mountaintops – and 23 treasure-filled rooms – no other place in town offers a more breathtaking view and more revealing glimpse of Portland’s past. Portland pioneers Henry and Georgiana Pittock built Pittock Mansion in 1914 and it now stands as a living memorial of the family’s contributions to the blossoming city of Portland and its people. Situated on 46 acres of land almost 1,000 feet atop downtown Portland, the Pittock celebrated its centennial year in 2014.