Portland, OR. Would you like to join the parade of giving this December? William Temple House was selected by the Christmas Ships organization as its 2019 charity and you can help the organization as well. At two Christmas Ship Meet & Greet events you can bring new winter coats for the Children’s Clothing Closet at William Temple House. You can also donate money, anytime; here’s a link where you can make a tax-deductible donation today.

Here’s event information for the “Meet and Greet” events with the Christmas Ships organization: Saturday, December 21st, from 8-10 PM and Sunday, December 22nd, from 2-4:30 PM. The “Meet and Greets” are held at the Portland waterfront docks near Riverplace Marina. Again, William Temple House will have a booth set up to collect warm coats for children in need. Cash/credit card donations will also be gratefully accepted.

Donations will help further the mission of William Temple House to provide social services, mental health counseling, and spiritual care to individuals and families in need.

Christmas Ship organizers explain why they selected the nonprofit: “William Temple House is a nonprofit social service agency located in NW Portland that supports people in need, especially those who are affected by two major concerns in our area: extremely high rates of mental illness and the affordable housing crisis. Their services include affordable access to mental health counseling for individuals, couples, and families; a healthy food pantry; hygiene items; new clothing for children; dental and vision care; and energy assistance so that families don’t have to choose between paying rent or basic living expenses. William Temple House has been making a difference in the lives of Portlanders for 54 years. The Christmas Ships are honored to work with organizations like this and we hope you’ll consider contributing.”

One such person who has benefited from the services of William Temple House is Karen. Here’s Karen’s William Temple House story:

Karen is an avid reader with a passion for helping others. This year she organized a book drive for the free library at William Temple House. “Today I’m a giver in the world,” she says, “and it feels really good.” But it wasn’t always that way. Before Karen came to William Temple House, she felt lost and afraid. Her struggle with bipolar disorder made it difficult to get by and strained her relationship with her husband Ed.

“I had done everything I could and I heard that William Temple House had couples counseling. I felt like we really needed that. And that was the beginning.”

Here’s a video about Karen:

The affordable counseling appointments at William Temple House made it possible for Karen and Ed to meet with their counselors regularly as a couple and individually. With therapy tailored to their specific needs, Karen noticed that she and her husband began to work better as a team. After a few months of counseling, Karen knew they would be able to achieve their goal of staying together.

Karen and Ed are doing well now. And if they need support, they know William Temple House can be a resource for them.

Karen and Ed received mental health support at a difficult time in their lives, as well as free healthy food and check-ins with our community chaplain when they needed it. Karen believes our counseling program saved her marriage and nurtured her growth as a person. “William Temple saved our life. I don’t know what would have happened… and I’m very grateful right now, that this is the life we have.” Karen and Ed are doing well now. And if they need support, they know William Temple House can be a resource for them.

Today, Karen is a giver because it feels good to give back. “It’s empowering to give, because then you grow more. And then the good goes on. The good is multiplied.”

From William Temple House:

Your donation to William Temple House helps provide our current and future clients much-needed access to affordable counseling averaging $5 a session, healthy groceries, and many other services that families need to move forward in their lives. Your support makes a difference! Thank you.

William Temple House is a place of hope for people in our community.

With low- and no-cost counseling, social services and spiritual care, we lend a helping hand to Portland’s most vulnerable populations.

This year we experienced a 14% increase in the number of clients we served. Will you help us meet this growing need with a donation today?

Together we brighten the lives of thousands of our neighbors, helping them make it through difficult times and get back on their feet. Please open your hearts this holiday season and give generously for the well-being of our community.

Make your tax-deductible donation today.

Your support makes a difference!

*Year-end giving is a sponsored story offering.