Portland, OR. “Reach for the Stars” was the theme of the 10th Annual De La Salle North Catholic High School Fall Benefit. The popular gala was held at the high school facility on North Fenwick Avenue and raised $522,000. Organizers thanked members of the Class of 2020 who helped serve dinner and the parents, faculty, and staff who volunteered for the October 24th fundraiser. (Photo credit, Andrea Lonas)

Phil Silver, Marty Brantley, Cyndy Maletis, Fred Jubitz

VP for Advancement Ashleigh de Villiers, Martha Richards and Alice McCartor pose with the recipients of this year’s Cassin Award, Barb and Steve Spence. HS President Oscar Leong also extends his congratulations.

Senior Juan Larazo addresses the gathering.

Michael Alexander, Board Member Milt Coleman, David Leonard

Founder Matt Powell and Tom Brenneke

Kim Malek (center) of Salt & Straw

Sanda Stein and Cooper DuBois

Oregon Supreme Court Justice Adrienne Nelson, Amy Donohue, HS President Oscar Leong

Werner Nistler of Touchmark

Fred and Gail Jubitz

Brittney Clark and Chris Brooks

Carolyn Murphy raises her paddle.

Alumna Khadjia Bruce (on right) and her family return to support the school.

Here’s a video featuring Khadija Bruce, De La Salle North Catholic High’s Class of 2015, (George Fox Class of 2019.) She shares her journey to become a 5th-grade teacher at Sabin Elementary.

From De La Salle North Catholic High:

Our mission is to provide an affordable, college preparatory, faith-based education to young men and women throughout the Portland metro area with limited financial resources.  Over 325 years ago, St. John Baptist de La Salle, the founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and their schools, established the practice of providing a Christian education to the young, especially those who are most on the margins of society.  Today, along with the support and sponsorship of the De La Salle Christian Brothers (San Francisco New Orleans District), De La Salle North Catholic strives to continue this mission.

Since the school was founded in 2001, our school has continued to grow and develop into a community of dedicated teachers and staff who, along with our many corporate work-study partners and volunteers, provide our unique education to capable, motivated and interested young people.

What is so unique about our school:

  1. Our school turns no one away based on an inability to pay tuition. Even though our tuition is more than $10,000 less than any other private, Catholic high school in our area, most of our families still would find it hard to afford our low tuition.
  2. Every student in our school works five days each month at “real-world” jobs. Not only does the money they earn at these jobs off-set nearly 50% of the cost to educate each student, but the work experience is life-changing for them. We are a founding member of the Cristo Rey Network® of schools which, today, number over 30 and are located in every major urban area throughout the United States.
  3. In that we are a relatively small, faith-based school, we can provide a safe and supportive environment where students truly do “enter to learn and leave to serve” (our school’s motto).
  4. Our students don’t simply graduate high school; over 95% have been accepted to colleges and universities—each and every year.  Our students go to college with employable skills which help them pay for their college education, which ultimately, will help them break the cycle of poverty.  Their success is a result of a culture of goal setting and achieving high standards by blending rigorous academics, four years of professional work experience and Catholic morals.

So, on behalf of our religious sponsor, the De La Salle Christian Brothers, the Board of Trustees and the entire De La Salle North Catholic community, thank you for your interest and we invite you to come visit our students and experience our unique, innovative, and transformational school! More information at: https://www.delasallenorth.org/