Portland, Or. Holt International held its Dinner & Auction at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Portland on October 1st. More than 150 people attended the event, raising over $80,000 for the organization. Guests enjoyed a champagne reception, live auction, and dessert dash. Leonard Bernhardt and Susan Cox supported the event which included an appeal from Mike Dennehy, father of 13 including ten adopted children with special needs. Founded in 1956 as an international adoption agency, Holt International has expanded its care for orphaned and vulnerable children as well as family strengthening services including education, safe housing, nourishing food, community advocacy, and job skills training that help empower parents with the tools and resources they need to independently care for their children. (Photo credit, by Brian Campbell)

Glenda Gordon, Leonard Bernhardt, Debbie Francis. 

Holt International strives to keep families together in times of poverty, war, illness, political instability, and more. Through donations and sponsors, Holt is able to provide programs such as education, job skills training, safe housing, hygiene, medical care, etc. These programs give families the empowerment and support to become self-sufficient. Holt also provides the highest level of care for children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or separated from their families. They have experts available that provide medical, nutritional, educational, and psychosocial services that are tailored to fit every child’s individual needs. In 2018 alone, Holt has helped over 255,024 children to thrive in the care of their families, gave life-changing care to 13,981 orphans and children without families, and helped over 602 children join families through adoption.

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Holt International seeks a world where every child has a loving and secure home. Since Holt’s founding in 1956, the organization has worked towards its vision through programs that strengthen and preserve families that are at risk of separation; by providing critical care and support to orphaned and vulnerable children; and by leading the global community in finding families for children who need them and providing the pre-and post-adoption support and resources they need to thrive. Always, Holt focuses on each child’s unique needs —keeping the child’s best interest at the forefront of every decision. For more information visit www.holtinternational.org