Portland, OR. Bridge Meadows and the Portland Opera are two of the nonprofits changing the venues in the aftermath of the damage to the Kridel Grand Ballroom located on the third floor of the Portland Art Museum’s Mark Building. When in use, the 9,000 square-foot space seats 560 people and is often the location of benefits and formal events. On September 3rd, a portion of the decorative ceiling fell inside the ballroom. No one was inside the room at the time. No artwork was damaged. Much of the collapse of the decorative ceiling was caught by a light truss. Click here for an update on the Bridge Meadows gala. 

Damage is visible in this photo From Portland Art Museum

Engineers examined the room and the rest of the Mark Building Tuesday afternoon and found no structural safety issues.

The ballroom will be closed to staff and to the public for the immediate future. Engineers and other experts will be on-site over the next few days and weeks to determine the cause.

Located at the center of the city’s cultural district, the Grand Ballroom has hosted many of Portland’s great events from weddings to celebrations of life, graduations, proms, and nonprofit fundraising events. It is home to the annual HeART of Portland event showcasing art created by Portland Public Schools students. Prior to the 2005 renovation of the former Masonic Temple, the ballroom hosted a memorable Grateful Dead concert in 1967.

“So many of us share fond memories of attending events with our friends and families in the Grand Ballroom,” said Brian Ferriso, Director and Chief Curator of the Portland Art Museum. “We are doing everything possible to return this treasured space to the community.”

The Portland Art Museum is working with organizations and groups who have upcoming events scheduled for the Grand Ballroom. Every effort is being made to accommodate the events in an alternative Museum space.

For more information, check the Portland Art Museum Website: https://portlandartmuseum.org/damage-to-kridel-grand-ballroom-ceiling-forces-closure/