Portland, OR. Oregon Community Health Information Network (OCHIN) just received three years of federal funding totaling $8.1 million to support nearly 100 health centers across the country. The Portland-based nonprofit supports technological initiatives at community health centers nationwide. About 1 in 12 people living in the U.S. receive health care in a community health center and these funds allow OCHIN to increase the connections between critical primary care providers.

OCHIN  serves over 500 organizations and 10,000 clinicians across the U.S. with the technology, research, and expertise to improve health care delivery and integration.

The $8.1 million award, announced on July 25th, is part of the Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) grant program through the Health Resources and Services Administration.  It will help OCHIN leverage technology to improve patient care coordination, reduce provider burden and increase connectivity to state immunizations registries, prescription drug monitoring programs, and Health Information Exchanges.

“This award allows us to partner with care teams across the nation, meeting them where they are and supporting health centers as true quality leaders,” said Abby SearsOCHIN CEO.

This three-year award makes OCHIN the largest HCCN in the nation, reaching primary care sites for more than two million patients. OCHIN will provide critical training and technical assistance across 14 states, partnering with Primary Care Associations and other networks including, the Oregon Primary Care Association and Heartland Network in Nebraska and Iowa. OCHIN will use these funds to increase access to quality care, empowering patients to make health decisions based on their needs, not their income or location.

“We are excited to continue to assist health centers to improve care, reduce provider burden, and extend their resources through transformative technology and tools,” said Dr. Scott Fields, OCHIN’s Chief Medical Officer and a family physician.


OCHIN is one of the largest and most successful health information and innovation networks, serving over 500 organizations with more than 10,000 clinicians across the nation with solutions that improve the integration and delivery of health care services. Learn more at www.ochin.org.

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