Portland, OR. Over 150 business and community leaders gathered at the Downtown Portland Hilton for the Chess for Success Game Changer luncheon. Stephanie Kralevich from KPTV was the Master of Ceremonies and posed for a photo board member Gwen Thompson. Business leader and alumna of Chess for Success, Chi Nguyen spoke to the crowd about the effect chess has had on her life, and then she reunited with her old chess coach who also happens to be the King of Chess, Steve Rosenfeld. Chess for Success raised $125,000, which is more money for the program than last year. (Photo credit, Brighid Hackett)

Keynote Speaker Chi Nguyen and her chess coach, the King of Chess, Steve Rosenfeld

Shawn Engelberg, Charlie Engelberg (board chair), Nancy Young, and Curits Young (Executive Director)

The luncheon was held on May 2nd.

Laura Katheryn Smith, Phil Margolin (founder and board member), Gwen Thompson (board member), Michael Malone (Program Manager)

From Chess for Success:

Chess for Success is much more than a recreational, after-school club. It’s an intervention and educational support, provided at no cost to families, that closes the achievement gap for economically disadvantaged and minority youth.

Through learning chess, students develop high-level critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that improve self-esteem, behavior, and academic performance, including attendance, grades, and test scores.

Long-term, our goals include improving high-school graduation rates, participation in STEM programs and careers, and college/workplace readiness, ending the cycle of poverty for at-risk youth.

More info at: https://www.chessforsuccess.org/