Hillsboro, OR. With the support of 200 guests like Adam Good and Shantel Gritsch from the Hillsboro Hops, Tuality Healthcare Foundation’s Derby Gala raised more than $195,000. The Kentucky Derby-themed event on January 28th launched the next goal of the “On the Road to Prevention” Campaign: a cancer care fund. Funds raised will provide travel and accommodation assistance for patients away from home while receiving treatment at OHSU Tuality Healthcare, and may include capital improvements and state of the art equipment investments in Tuality’s cancer care facilities. (Photo credit, Andie Petkus)

Heather Humelbaugh, Director of Diagnostic Imaging at OHSU Tuality Healthcare and Rev. Julie Smith and Tom Smith

Pacific University Students Jasmine Kha and Carolyn Ngo

Breast Cancer Survivor, Eleanor Mills, pictured with Tuality Healthcare Foundation volunteers Sue Horton and JoAnn Lumaco

OHSU Tuality Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joe Hardman and President Lori James-Nielsen kick off the event.

OHSU Tuality Healthcare has seen an increasing number of patients traveling daily from coastal and rural communities to receive chemotherapy and radiation. With treatments lasting an average of five weeks, for some the added cost and stress of travel can mean missing appointments, preventing patients from successfully completing their care. For local patients, finding a reliable ride to and from appointments can be challenging without a support network of friends and family. Funds raised at the “Derby Gala” for a cancer care fund, as part of the “On the Road to Prevention” campaign, aim to help patients overcome these barriers to care through gas cards, taxi vouchers, lodging and meal assistance.

In 2018, the Tuality Healthcare Foundation launched goal one of the “On the Road to Prevention” campaign: the purchase of a $1 million state-of-the-art mammography van to increase access to life-saving, preventative care. To date, more than $700,000 has been raised toward the purchase of the van, and fundraising will continue until completed.

OHSU Tuality Healthcare president Lori James-Nielsen, R.N., B.S.N., M.H.A remarked, “The community’s extraordinary generosity will help our neighbors, friends, and family members access the care they need, when they need it most. This is what community is all about.” The benefit was presented by Farmington Gardens.

From Tuality Healthcare Foundation:

The Tuality Healthcare Foundation supports OHSU Tuality Healthcare by funding projects and programs that enrich the patient experience and wellness of our community. The Foundation envisions a region— from Washington County to the coast—where there is access to consistent, patient-focused, high-quality care.