Portland, OR. “Service Selfies” show the feel-good mood of MLK weekend volunteers. For the twelfth year in a row, United Way of the Columbia-Willamette and Hands On Greater Portland are teaming up to make it easy for you to take action across Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Clark Counties. You can make a difference through Monday, January 21st. Here’s a link with details: Volunteer for MLK Weekend. 

My New Red Shoes is a charity that helps provide local low-income kids with new clothing and shoes throughout the school year. Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon volunteered with this nonprofit. 

Hands On Greater Portland helps organize all of the volunteers. 

Timber Joey was packaging vegetables like carrots at the Oregon Food Bank this weekend.

Umpqua Bank volunteers spent time outside cleaning up Vose Elementary School.

MLK Weekend of Service is an integral part of United Way of the Columbia-Willamette’s 10-year agenda of reducing childhood poverty and advancing racial equity.

From United Way:

Each year, we come together, inspired by the mission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to strengthen our community one volunteer project at a time. Our mission at United Way is to invest in our region’s kids by giving them and their families the resources they need to thrive. From access to books to food on the table, when important resources are provided, children can succeed and in turn build a better future for themselves and their community.

This January, honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by joining us for the 12th Annual MLK Weekend of Service Beginning January 18, 2019, volunteer opportunities will be available throughout our community in celebration of MLK Day. Sign up for a project below – opportunities include:

  • Sorting donated children’s books: Help kids prepare for kindergarten by cleaning and organizing gently used books delivered to their home.
  • Transforming community spaces in need of TLC: Help kids have vibrant, safe places to play and discover by painting, cleaning and sprucing up neighborhood spaces.
  • Stocking food banks: Help families meet their basic needs by packaging boxes of food and essential items.

By volunteering your time, you’re adding hundreds of thousands of dollars of value back into your community. Take a look at what our volunteers had to say from last year’s MLK Weekend of Service:

“For me, living is about taking and giving, volunteering is part of giving. It’s part of keeping life in balance and I’ve been working at it for a long time.” – Xuan Sibell, Volunteer Leader
“We believe in Dr. King’s message and mission, and in keeping the memory of that stage of the Civil Rights movement alive.” – David, Volunteer Leader
“The impact for dozens of nonprofits and tens of thousands of kids and families is real. The bond it creates lasts well beyond the weekend itself.” – Keith Thomajan, President and CEO of United Way and Volunteer. Below are some options for volunteering.


12:00pm Come Clean @ the PDX ReStore! (age 16+) – FULL
2:00pm Potluck in the Park Meal Service (age 12+) – FULL
2:00pm Potluck in the Park Dessert Service (age 12+) – FULL

3:00pm Potluck in the Park Recycling and Clean Up Crew (age 16+) – FULL

2:00pm Pitch-in at Tigard Library! (age 6+) – FULL
4:00pm Cook It Up at GNC (age 14+) – FULL


9:00am Weatherize Homes with the Community Energy Project (age 16+) – FULL
9:00am Pitch-in at Peninsula! (age 12+) – FULL
9:00am Fresh Food Sorting and Repacking at OFB (Portland) (age 6+) – FULL

9:30am SnowCap Community Garden Clean-up! (all ages) – FULL
9:30am Day of serVOZ (all ages) – FULL

10:00am Garden Clean Up Day at Gilbert Park (age 12+)​ – FULL
10:00am Clean Up and Green Up the Audubon Society (age 10+)
10:00am Bundle STEM Kits for Early Learning Multnomah (age 12+) – FULL
1:00pm Fresh Food Sorting and Repacking at OFB (Portland) (age 6+) – FULL

1:00pm Wisdom of the Elders Office & Garden Cleanup (age 5+) – FULL
1:00pm Socialize with Cats & Dogs (age 12+) – FULL
1:00pm Cook Meals & Tidy Up for Homeless Youth at p:ear (age 16+) – FULL

1:00pm Spruce Up Martin Luther King, Jr. School (age 8+) – FULL
1:00pm Join SOLVE to clean up MLK Blvd! (all ages) – FULL
1:30pm Schoolhouse Supplies Donations (age 12+) – FULL
1:30pm Bundle STEM Kits for Early Learning Multnomah (age 12+) – FULL
6:00pm Serve A Meal and Play Bingo at Jean’s Place (age 18+) – FULL

7:00pm Kids! Sort & Package Supplies for Families @Buckman (age 4+) – FULL

9:00am Plant Trees at Nadaka Nature Park in Gresham! (age 6+)​ – FULL
10:00am Winter Sales Floor Facelift at Habitat ReStore (age 16+)​  – FULL

 Bink-A-Thon 2019! (age 4+) – FULL
10:00am Family Day Center Spruce Up (age 5+)​ – FULL
10:00am Processing & Merchandising Party at Habitat ReStore (age 16+) – FULL
1:00pm Perishable Repack at Oregon Food Bank Beaverton (age 14+) – FULL

2:00pm Pitch-in at Tigard Library! (age 6+) – FULL

9:00am Put Down Roots in Tualatin: MLK Day Tree Plant (age 4+)

9:00am Spruce up the Library (age 6+) – FULL

9:00am Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway Planting (age 5+)