Portland, OR. More than 220 patrons and volunteers attended the Portland Rose Festival’s annual “Jazz & Roses” gala at Montgomery Park on October 12th. Supporters like Adam Baker, 2018 Royal Rosarian Prime Minister and his wife, Lauren Baker bid for travel and other unique experiences to help raise $199,000. The annual dinner and auction is the major fundraiser for the Portland Rose Festival Foundation, a 501(c)(3] non-profit, supporting its mission to provide quality, family-friendly programs and events that promote the arts, education and volunteerism. 

2018 Rose Festival Queen Kiara Johnson, Kim Corona (standing) and Marcia Randall-The Randall Group

Ron Carr-Board Member, Linda Merrihew and mother, Dorothy Poznanski of the Poznanski Family Foundation, Marilyn Clint-Rose Festival COO

Carla Stenberg-2018 Foundation Secretary, Brett Bigham 2014 Oregon State Teacher of the Year, Amy Johnson-2018 Starlight Parade Chair

More information about the Rose Festival Foundation can be found at http://www.rosefestival.org/.