Portland, OR. Nearly 20,000 charitable nonprofits across Oregon positively impact our communities every day, according to the Nonprofit Association of Oregon. Oregon ranks in the top half nationally in both volunteerism and average charitable contributions as a percentage of discretionary income at 4.6%. The power that individuals draw from giving to charity comes from a selfless act: it is often a deeply personal decision of the heart. That care of community, coupled with a hearty nonprofit sector in Oregon addressing a vast array of needs and missions, compels Oregonians to give and they give significantly. According to the 2015 Giving in Oregon report by the Oregon Community Foundation, more than $1.76 billion was donated by private individuals. The Foundation Center reported that for 2014, Oregon’s 878 foundations gave more than $371 million to nonprofit causes and projects.

Although charitable giving occurs throughout the year, the fourth quarter of each year is a critical fundraising time for nonprofits. As a result of the changes to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Nonprofit Association of Oregon wants to ensure Oregon nonprofits are at the forefront of people’s minds during this giving season.

While it is true that a charitable tax deduction is an incentive, it’s not the only reason Oregonians give. To showcase the fantastic work of Oregon’s nonprofits and to encourage Oregonians to give generously to support them, NAO created this short video –

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon wants to excite and remind Oregonians why it’s so important to give and support local nonprofits – whether it’s in La Grande, Prineville, Eugene, Coos Bay, Klamath Falls or in the Portland metro area. Leaders say, “Help us create a groundswell of support for our nonprofits by creating an online buzz and mobilize Oregonians to give to local nonprofits. Let’s remind our supporters how to Care Like An Oregonian!”

From The Nonprofit Association of Oregon:

Who we are

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon is the statewide nonprofit membership organization representing and supporting charitable nonprofits of all sizes, geographic locations and missions across Oregon.

NAO’s mission is to serve public benefit nonprofits by strengthening the collective voice, leadership, and capacity of nonprofits to enrich the lives of all Oregonians. NAO’s vision is that Oregon’s nonprofits are visible and valued as essential contributors to society. We are deeply invested in our core values: Collaboration, Equity and Inclusion, Excellence, Impact, Learning, Service and Stewardship.

What we do

NAO ensures a future in which Oregon nonprofits are visible and valued as essential contributors to our society. We strive to connect, improve and advance all nonprofits to help build a thriving and vital Oregon.

NAO serves the needs of the nonprofit sector through our work in advocacy, convening, disseminating Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence, capacity building and thought leadership.

Statewide membership

NAO offers two types of membership:

  • Nonprofit membership for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations
  • Affiliate membership for businesses that offer services and products to nonprofit organizations; as well as other 501(c) nonprofits, government agencies, individuals, etc.

Membership with NAO offers charitable nonprofits access to resources; attend high quality and relevant professional and volunteer development events at significantly reduced rates; network and learn with other nonprofits; connect with businesses who support nonprofits through cost-savings services and products; and amplify your voice with decision makers.

Affiliate membership with NAO offers businesses, other entities and individuals who support the work of nonprofits to connect with and be part of NAO’s network. This may include businesses who provide products and services to the nonprofit sector, organizations who support nonprofits as part of their community engagement work, or individuals who volunteer in service to the nonprofit sector. Business Affiliate Members at the Verified Level have the opportunity to potentially partner with NAO to offer cost-savings products and services to nonprofits and be part of NAO’s Referral Service.

What we offer

  • Learning & Professional Development: NAO offers a wide variety of professional and volunteer development learning opportunities for nonprofit leaders and their staff. NAO regularly offers sessions in the Portland area, Central Oregon, Southern Oregon and in a specific menu of rural locations across the state. Additional workshops, webinars, and online resources ensure that nonprofits all over Oregon have access to these valuable resources and opportunities. Learn more.
  • Referral Service: When nonprofits seek consulting services to meet challenges, support their growth, build effectiveness, and achieve excellence – whether it is a consultant to facilitate a board retreat on diversity, equity and inclusion, an interim executive placement, executive search, or other projects – NAO can match a nonprofit to a vetted and proven expert consultant or service provider. Consultants and service providers must be NAO Business Verified Affiliate Members. Learn more.
  • Cost Savings on Services and Products: NAO forges partnerships with NAO Business Verified Affiliate Members who want to support nonprofits by offering discounts on services/products. Nonprofits can save money by taking advantage of these cost-savings opportunities. Learn more.
  • Convenings: NAO provides opportunities for nonprofits and those that support the nonprofit sector to convene, network, discuss issues, offer solutions, and share best practices. NAO frequently partners with local, statewide and national networks, funders and research partners to convene these gatherings to create meaningful dialogue and discussion. Learn more.
  • Thought Leadership: NAO provides thought leadership at the overall nonprofit sector level about and for the nonprofit sector. We lead the effort to conduct, collate and share key research information about and for the nonprofit sector. We also ensure that Oregon’s nonprofits and the general public have relevant and timely information about changing ideas, opportunities and issues that affect nonprofits around the state.
  • Advocacy: NAO amplifies the nonprofit sector’s voice through public policy and advocacy work on behalf of Oregon’s nonprofit sector. NAO directly advocates on behalf of all nonprofits, as well as catalyzes important conversations with policy makers and among nonprofits. We work to raise the awareness of nonprofits’ work, issues and need for policy change. We educate and inform policy makers and others at the local, state and federal levels to ensure that nonprofits can continue to do the direct service work they do for the benefit of our communities across Oregon. Learn more.

Through these programs and services, NAO helps to connect, improve and advance the nonprofit sector across Oregon.

Join us and be part of an effective and connected network that is doing great things to improve and advance Oregon’s nonprofit sector!