Portland, OR. The First Annual Riverdale Golf Tournament was a hailed as a big success. 24 sponsors stepped forward to underwrite the tournament. There were nearly 100 volunteers and participants including teachers Michael Johnson, John Preacher, Laura Keldorf, and Mike Freeborn. The event on August 20th at Eastmoreland Golf Course raised approximately $20,000, which far exceeded goals and expectations. All proceeds will support Riverdale Athletics and pay for things like coaching, buses, equipment & supplies, fees. 

Riverdale School District Athletic Director Rob Pridemore and Riverdale parent & high school coach Mark Scarlett are joined by Bryan Justrom and Nels Ericson

Freeman Motor Co. displays a Lotus. Riverdale Golf Tournament supporters include Jennifer Rabb, Amber Moore, Kirsten Griffith, Suzi Maddocks, and Sara Conte.

Tournament winners include Jeff O’Neill, John Peterson, Tommy O’Neill, and Gary Logsdon.

Winners of Best Attire, outfitted partially by Corporate Sponsor Taylor Metals, include Peggy Peterson, Patty Hopkins, Susan Henderson and Molly Peters.

21 silent auction items generate $7,000. Current and former Riverdale HS athletes volunteer at the event.

Bernice Cannistraci with American Family Insurance, one of the event sponsors.

From Riverdale:

Our simple but powerful goal is to produce students who know how to use their minds well. 

We ask ourselves: How can we encourage students, as they engage in their learning, to embrace challenge and complexity, take initiative, consider other perspectives, speculate and experiment, innovate and be bold? It is important that we help them grow academically, psychologically and emotionally to be better prepared to continue their education in the future. 

Located in the Portland metropolitan area, Riverdale offers a unique PreK-12 educational environment that rivals local private schools. Consider it the best aspects of independent schooling in a small, intimate public school setting. In addition to the students from our district, we also welcome students from the surrounding communities through transfer and tuition options.