Portland, OR. The American Heart Association celebrated its 22nd annual Heart Ball on February 24th at The Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland. The event supporting local and regional advocacy, research, education and prevention efforts raised more than $802,000 in the fight against heart disease and stroke. (Photo credit, PortlandEventPhotography.com)

The leadership team for the event included, Dan Holmes, General Manager, Siemens; Nima Darabi, Vice President, Hoffman Construction; Jordan Bader, President, Acme Construction Supply & Chairman, 2018 Heart Ball; Jordan Pape, CEO, The Pape Group; Bart Dickson, President, OEG, Chairman-elect, 2019 Heart Ball; Brant Hunsaker, Vice President, Wells Fargo; and Jade Thelin, Financial Services Professional, New York Life.

The evening was led by 2018 Heart Ball chairman Jordan Bader, President & CEO, Acme Construction with event emcee Nora Hart from FOX 12 Oregon. Kara Markovich, whose daughter Ulla was born with a congenital heart defect, shared her passionate and inspirational story showcasing the impact of funds raised to support families.

Mom Kara Markovich with daughter Ulla and husband Greg.

Next year, the 2019 Heart Ball will be led by chairman Bart Dickson, President, OEG and will be held on February 23, 2019. Details at PDXHeartBall.heart.org or contact [email protected].

From the American Heart Association:

The American Heart Association is working with citizens and leaders, collaborating with neighbors and supporters. We are unraveling complex health issues in our community with a powerful combination of groundbreaking research and community leadership. These critical changes improve Oregon & SW Washington for all – moving us closer to a community, and ultimately, a world free of heart disease and stroke. 

What are we doing to improve Oregon & SW Washington? Click here to find out!

CPR --- When CPR is performed properly and promptly during cardiac arrest, survival rates can double or triple. We work to make this lifesaving training accessible to everyone. Healthy For Good - We are workin to weave healthy living practices and opportunities into our community. We are making it easier to be healthy where we live, work, learn and play. Join us and become Healthy For Good.
Research - Groundbreaking research is vital to improving local patient outcomes. By driving scientific breakthroughs and creating guidelines for care that reflect the latest proven findings we improve the way that local hospitals help prevent, treat and recover from heart disease and stroke. Workplace Wellness - On average, men and women spend more than half of their waking hours at work - which can have a significant impact on our health. That is why we collaborate with local businesses to create a more physically active, health conscious culture in the office.