Sponsored: Portland, OR. KairosPDX is an education non-profit whose mission to eliminate the prolific racial achievement and opportunity gaps in our city. The KairosPDX Learning Academy opened in fall 2014 and is located in North Portland in the Humbolt building. Its belief is that the most impactful vision of equity creates a system in which every child develops as fully as possible socially, emotionally, culturally and academically. Every child is viewed as uniquely capable, innately curious and inherently creative and with that they work actively to support their children and families.

KairosPDX is now in its year-end fund drive. Leaders say, “Year-end time prompts a great deal of reflection about our community’s successes, challenges, and goals. We’ve had our share of obstacles along with plenty of triumphs. While the advocacy to stay in our space was a very visible one, we also made steps to improve Early Childhood Learning and Family engagement which are very important components of our vision. As we continue to work toward cultivating our community through the development of young leaders, we want to thank you for standing with us.” CLICK HERE to donate.

In addition to the year-end push for funding, KairosPDX’s annual fundraising event called Spread the Love is set for Tuesday, February, 13th 2018 at Castaway Portland. It is an event celebrating the transformative educational impact of Kairos. With small bites from local celebrity chefs and musical performances by Kairos students, Spread the Love will be an inspiring night showcasing the organization’s work and the creative, curious, compassionate young leaders they serve.

Here’s a video about the program:

The parent of a student explains, “As we look back we know our daughter wouldn’t be the happiest 3rd grader in the world without Kairos. What we have heard from her teachers and principal is that the commitment she has to making the right decisions and the happiness she has in trying again and again is not something you often see in children her age…There were times she was struggling academically and socially, but it was the Kairos LOVE she held onto. She has let out her wings and she is flying.”