Sponsored: Portland, OR. This year, the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) was able to serve over 9,000 kids and teens—49% more than last year. The CCA delivers JOY to kids, teens, and their families who are fighting a serious illness. The nonprofit knows that for seriously ill children and their families every moment is precious so it uses music, friendship, play, and resources to create transformative moments of joy. Unlike many organizations dedicated to the worthy goal of someday finding a cure for cancer, CCA is all about creating joy today. CCA is now in the middle of its year-end fundraising drive, CLICK HERE for more information on how to give. 

It was all smiles this week as kids gathered around the tree at the CCA family holiday party.

Founder and Chief Joy Officer, Regina Ellis, is sharing inspiring stories about special kids that CCA has served over the past year. She explains, “One incredible kid we had the privilege to serve in his time of need is six-year-old Otto, who after a nearly two year battle, recently completed treatment for neuroblastoma. Otto, also known as “Otto-bot”, is a huge fan of superheroes, and has displayed many heroic qualities himself. His incredible perseverance and determination throughout his journey with cancer even got him recognized as a 2017 CCA Hero.”

“Otto has had to put up with a lot of terrible things, but he never gives up,” his mom, Emily, said proudly.

Regina Ellis says Otto had a lot of support from his Chemo Pal®, Jerry, along the way. Together they spent lots of time playing video games and building LEGO sets, which allowed his mother, Emily the time and space to speak with doctors without isolating Otto.

Donations help keep the CCA program going strong. Gifts of $50 help Chemo Pals fill their activity bag with fun new toys and supplies, and a gift of $2,500 funds activities for an entire year.

Donations that support essential needs and resources through CCA’s Link Program make it possible to cover the cost of things like the airline tickets Otto and his mom needed to go to San Francisco for specialized treatment.

And when Otto was stuck in the hospital and needed to blow off some steam, CCA’s MyMusicRx® team was there with guitars, keyboards, and drums to jam with him at his bedside. Donors can help provide music as medicine for kids going through treatment with a gift of $250 to purchase instruments the CCA in-hospital music carts that help reduce stress, anxiety, and the perception of pain.

“During our toughest times, CCA was there to bring our family the friendship, music, resources, and JOY we needed most,” explained Otto’s mom, Emily.

All of CCA’s programs are free-of-charge to families thanks to the kindness and the generosity of friends in the community who believe that JOY matters.

This video shows how CCA brings moments of joy to kids.

CCA is in the middle of its year-end fundraising drive, CLICK HERE for more information.

From CCA:

Please CLICK HERE and join us by investing in the healing power of joy today to support deserving kids like Otto and the thousands of other children, teens, and family members who need a dose of JoyRx this holiday season. We believe kids deserve long, wonderful lives. Or, at the very least, short, wonderful lives. We believe cancer sucks. We’ve had it, or loved someone who did. We prescribe moments of joy for kids who are in the fight against all serious illness. We believe joy grows exponentially when it’s used collectively. We are music medicine pioneers. We believe in purple. We know joy comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes – just like the kids we help. We love to laugh. We are not afraid to cry. We spend every dollar wisely. We give hugs freely. We believe in today. We respect our history as a grassroots organization. We embrace our destiny as a global source of JoyRx. We believe these things matter.

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