Portland, OR. The 11th annual Rosemary Anderson High School (RAHS) Gala drew 325 supporters and raised $265,000 to fund education and mental health services for RAHS youth – making this the largest and most successful Gala to date for the nonprofit. Joe McFerrin II, RAHS President & CEO, posed for a photo with award winners John Shreiber and Summy To of Myoptic Optometry.

RAHS Board Member and Emcee Tanasia Bishop addresses the audience at the November 1st gala at Pure Space.

RAHS is part of Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc., a non-profit education management organization, established for 42 years in North Portland, serving over 560 students and work trainees annually, across three programs: Rosemary Anderson High School, Rosemary Anderson Transitions, and Work Opportunities Training. Here’s a video about the program:

Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc., reconnect alienated at-risk youth affected by poverty, family instability and homelessness; with high school education through Rosemary Anderson High School (RAHS), and with career training through POIC Work Opportunity Training programs (WOT). The program continues to mentor and support graduates in post-secondary education until they reach the age of stable maturity at 25, through Rosemary Anderson Transitions program (RATR).

RAHS President & CEO Joe Mcferrin II explains the importance of the programs at the gala.

RAHS Board Members Kristin Valente and Sally Leisure are honored at the event.

Attendees celebrate on the dance floor.

From RAHS:

We would like to give a special thank you to our major sponsors: EY and The Renaissance Foundation; Cheryl’s on 12th & As Good As It Gets Catering for providing a wonderful meal; and to all of our outstanding table sponsors. Thank you as well to Stark Photography and Shields Films; Marjorie Belson & Mel Shulevitz, our Honorary Gala Co-Chairs; Brigitte Dortmund Ting & Marjorie Belson, our Auction Co-Chairs; Tanasia Bishop for emceeing our evening’s program; and to Rosie and Malik for bringing our video to life and sharing what RAHS means to them.