Portland, OR. Kelly Russell and Poison Waters helped get the crowd involved at Bradley Angle’s annual Empowerment Lunch. The benefit on October 18th at The Nines Hotel raised funds to support economic empowerment programs that help survivors of domestic violence by providing financial resources, education, and guidance. Most survivors experience financial abuse, which is why the program is imperative for financial security and success. Speakers included Kenyatta Trice, Bradley Angle’s Economic Empowerment Program Coordinator, Amber Shoebridge, Board Chair, and a former program participant who is starting her own business. (Photo credit, Andie Petkus)

Kenyatta Trice, Economic Empowerment Program Coordinator, and Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith

Guests participate in the special appeal

Bradley Angle staff

From Bradley Angle:

Bradley Angle embraces the following values in all that we do:

  • We believe that everyone has a right to live free from violence and abuse.
  • We value the dignity and personal story of everyone who comes to us for support.
  • We believe that survivors of domestic violence should be treated respectfully and have control over their own lives.
  • Our services are inclusive and accessible to survivors of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.
  • Our services build on the strength and resilience of survivors.
  • We work collaboratively whenever and wherever possible.
  • We involve the community in our work because we know that domestic violence doesn’t just impact individuals and families—it affects every one of us.
  • We acknowledge current and historical inequities and work towards ending oppression.

Bradley Angle is constantly learning and evolving as we strive to end to domestic violence.