Portland, OR. The Portland Art Museum was filled with the sounds of science on as 71 Oregon graduate students were awarded $426,000 in research grants by the ARCS Oregon Foundation. University Presidents including Joe Robertson, president of OHSU and Ed Ray, president of Oregon State University joined Joan Foley and Aletha Anderson, co-president of ARCS Foundation Oregon along with Michael Schill, president of University of Oregon. (Photo credit, Andie Petkus)

The Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (or ARCS) is an all women volunteer organization which dedicates itself to providing support to outstanding scholars in PhD programs in science, engineering and medical research at the Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon State University and University of Oregon. The October 11th event drew 430 members, donors and guests who enjoyed learning about research of the third year scholars. 

Aletha Anderson, co-president ARCS Foundation Oregon; Danielle Nelson, PhD candidate at Oregon State University; Joan Foley, co-president ARCS Foundation Oregon; Keynote speaker Geraldine Richmond, PhD University of Oregon Professor of Chemistry.

Keynote speaker Geraldine Richmond, PhD shared her research work on the molecular characteristics of water surfaces at University of Oregon as well as her efforts on behalf of women scientists. Danielle Nelson, a PhD candidate at Oregon State University spoke of her continuing research on communication networks of chorusing frogs. Through the generosity of many donors, ARCS raised over $136,000 which will continue to fund its mission to provide scholar awards in support of science for Oregon, our nation and the world. 

Gretchen Engbring, PhD candidate from Oregon State University explains her research to guests at the Celebrating Genius poster session.

Current 2017-2018 ARCS Foundation Oregon scholar award recipients and PhD candidates from OSU, UO and OHSU

From ARCS Oregon:

We Stand Side by Side with Emerging Scientists

“Welcome to ARCS Oregon! This fall our chapter will welcome 24 first year scholars who are working toward their PhDs at our three top-rated universities – Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. We spend three years getting to know each scholar personally and are thrilled we have the opportunity to witness these stellar students make his or her mark in science. Our members and donors provide monetary support, but more importantly we hear from the scholars that we provide a support network during this challenging time in their careers.” 

“Our first year scholars join the current second and third year scholars with ARCS funding, for an overall field of 71 emerging scientists this year. What will they discover? The broad scope of their science topics reflects the many stellar, highly ranked colleges and departments at our three universities. We are fortunate to have a collaborative relationship with the universities as we work together to advance science in America.”

There will be a time when renewable energy is abundant and affordable, when cures for common diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and HIV/AIDS will be found, when clean water will be accessible by all and clean living will be ubiquitous, when mankind will be safe in the face of cataclysmic forces of nature. And the people who will make that happen are researching now to understand the root causes of problems and to apply their intelligence and ingenuity to answer the great questions in science, engineering and medicine. 

ARCS Foundation Oregon supports and nurtures young American women and men in doctoral programs at Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon to take on the science challenges of today and tomorrow. Oregonians are, by nature, pioneering and tenacious, looking for new ideas and ways of improving our lives. More than 100 women in ARCS Foundation Oregon are drawn to the bright light generated by the brilliant students we are helping to attract to Oregon. 

ARCS Foundation Oregon is one of 16 ARCS Foundation Chapters nationwide, operating independently under the umbrella of ARCS Foundation National. The Oregon Chapter incorporated in 2004 and since then has awarded more than 201 scholar awards totaling $3.2 million.

More information at: https://oregon.arcsfoundation.org/