Portland, OR. “Kaleidoscope” was a celebration of the hope that Community Action brings to low income families throughout Washington County. Nearly 340 community leaders and supporters gathered for this annual fundraising event featuring inspirational stories about the importance of early childhood education. They heard from parents, Tulio Endi and Milagros Oquendo, whose child has experienced a positive transformation in the early childhood education program. (Photo credit, Andie Petkus)

Kemp Shuey of Community Action, Tulio Endi, Milagros Oquendo, Francisco Endi, Renée Bruce, Executive Director of Community Action. Tulio and Milagros shared their inspiring story of hope, help, and change.

Jeralynn Ness, former Executive Director of Community Action, Renée Bruce, Executive Director Community Action

Barbara Summers, Von Summers of NW Natural Gas, Ann Doyle, City of Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle

Allison Dolezal of New Seasons, Raeann Mulvaney of New Seasons

Ralph Helzerman, Fred Johnson of Premier Community Bank, Mike and Laura McMurray, Marilynn Helzerman

From Community Action:

OUR MISSION: Community Action leads the way to eliminate conditions of poverty and create opportunities for people and communities to thrive.

OUR VISION: Washington County’s residents are strong, resilient, involved in the community, and live with dignity and security. 

Thank you to our sponsors, donors, and volunteers who came together and raised over $210,000 to help families in need across Washington County.