Portland, OR. Portland indie filmmakers came out in force to celebrate their best and brightest. The awards gala at Columbia Edgewater Country Club on April 14th honored the hard work of artists in front of and behind the lens. Local talent and Film Crew Attendees on the Red Carpet included Gairy Frances, Erich Demerath, Patrick Kwan.

Kimberly Amador, Jerry Bell Sr., Jerry Bell Jr. the Director of the Awards Show visited with Kyle Martin, the Community Involvement Winner.

James Farewell, Patrick Kwan, Tamara Marshall, Asha Sawyer and Tom McFadden

Bobby Bridges and Antonio Richardson

Portland Indie Film and Networking Event Director Jerry Bell Jr. addresses the crowd.

Mary McDonald-Lewis was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Here’s a list of the 2017 winners:
Best Director
Will Cuddy

Best Writing(Screenplay)
Jason Rosenblatt

Best Leading Actor
Robert Blanche
Tomorrow, Maybe

Best Actress Lead
Bethany Jacobs
Tomorrow, Maybe

Best Supporting Actor
Grant Davis
Tomorrow, Maybe

Best Supporting Actress
Natasha Ward
Angela’s Sacred Heart

Best Cinematography
Devin Tolman

Best Film Editing
Todd Freeman
M is for Marriage

Best Sound Composition
Keith Schreiner
M is for Marriage

Best Production Designer
Clifton Chandler
Reality Check

Best Costume/Wardrobe
Ashlee Branham
Reality Check

Best Make Up
Sarah Prevo
M is for Marriage

Best Visual Effects

Team Reality Check

Reality Check

Best Trailer

Frank & Zed

Jesse Blanchard

Best Music Video

Butter by Foxy Lemon

Benjamin Ross Lyerly

Best Short Film


Will Cuddy

Best Feature Film:

Jace Daniel, Roy Kirk, Robert Blanche

Tomorrow, Maybe

Portland Film Production Assistant of the Year

Angella Davis

Portland Film Community Involvement Award

Kyle Martin

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