Portland, OR. Home Builders Foundation (HBF) raised $267,000 at its 20th Annual Building Hope Gala & Auction. The donations will help renovate shelters for those experiencing homelessness in the Portland metro area. Heidi Lowrey, Lindsey Hammon, Beth Farnum, Alison Jedan, Marie Boatsman, Laura Holt, and Gia Waugh enjoyed the evening. HBF Executive Director Ken Cowdery explained, “We believe that a night on the street can be a cold and dangerous place for a woman, and a car should never be a place where a family spends the night. That’s why this auction is so critically important to our mission.” The Building Hope Gala & Auction on April 8th attracted residential builders, remodelers and others associated with the home building industry who donate and bid on auction items. It also serves as a way to educate the public about solutions to homelessness. (Photo credit, Aaron Courter)

George Lorance starts the bidding off for Rudy Kadlub’s tie, which raised $4,000 for Home Builders Foundation.

“We are a big part of the solution.” Cowdery explains. “We’ve built, remodeled and expanded shelter facilities with a retail value exceeding $8 million where nearly 550 people find shelter each year.”

In addition to making financial donations, home builders, remodelers, suppliers and manufacturers donate or heavily discount labor and materials for construction projects, amounting to nearly 50 percent of the project’s retail value. “We save shelters hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction costs.” Cowdery notes. “That means we can build bigger shelters with more bed capacity because of these savings.”

“We are motivated by the belief that every individual has worth and human dignity, and that shelter is a necessity of life. We could not do what we do without the support of the residential home building industry.” he adds.

From Home Builders Foundation:

Home Builders Foundation was established in 1997 by the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland. Its mission is to build and renovate transitional shelters for families and individuals experiencing homelessness in the Portland metro area. Home Builders Foundation is a chapter member of HomeAid America, which supports shelter development throughout the United States. Visit BuildHopePDX.org for more info.