Portland, OR. Over 400 supporters crowded Castaway Portland on March 2nd, to celebrate the work of the Women’s Foundation of Oregon. The event raised $226,000 to help fund the nonprofit’s mission to make Oregon a better place for women and girls. (Photo credit, Andie Petkus.) The Women’s Foundation of Oregon Count Her In report is described by researchers as, “the most expansive, actionable, and inclusive analysis of Oregon’s women and girls to date… the first report on the status of Oregon’s women and girls in 20 years.” Click here to view a copy of the executive summary of the report. Notable findings include:

  • In Oregon, female full-time workers make 21% less than men, or 79 cents for every dollar.
  • Forty-one percent of female-headed families with children are in poverty.
  • 44% of Oregon households receiving federal food assistance are headed by women.

There were also positive findings such as the following:

  • Oregon women serve in statewide elected office at some of the highest rates in the country. Oregon women also serve in the U.S. military at higher rates than women in many other states.
  • Oregon women and girls perform nearly one-half a billion hours of unpaid caregiving each year for children, relatives, neighbors, and friends.
  • Oregon women and girls engage in more daily physical activity than women and girls in any other state.
  • Fewer than 5% of the violent crimes in Oregon are committed by women and girls.

Here’s a video about the report:

The Count Her In Celebration was a showcase for the report. “This report is a baseline and a call to action, a celebration of resilience, and an opportunity to do things differently for future Oregonians,” explained organizers.

Women’s Foundation Board Chair Sue Hildick.

Special guest Ana del Rocio addressed supporters.

Women’s Foundation executive director Emily Evans.

From Women’s Foundation of Oregon:

Women’s Foundation of Oregon’s vision is an Oregon where every woman and girl can thrive. Our mission is to focus the power of women’s collective resources to improve the lives of women and girls throughout Oregon.