Portland, OR. Incight, an organization committed to “Unlocking the Potential of People with Disabilities” held its 10th annual gala at the Portland Art Museum on October 1st. The $232,000 raised will fund Incight programs that assist people with disabilities in education, in the job market and in independent recreation. Scott Hatley, one of the founders of Incight, took the stage to speak about his goal of improve the lives of millions of disabled people. The theme of this year’s gala was Havana Lights. Several attendees wore colorful Cuban-themed attire. Johnna Wells from 360 Benefit Auctions ran a live auction that featured a 10-day trip to Cuba. KGW’s Drew Carney emceed the night, and spoke warmly about his passion for Incight’s mission.

Chris Chiacchierini

Chris Chiacchierini, Executive Director at Incight said: “We couldn’t be happier. This was one of our most successful events to date and the funds raised will help provide those we serve with educational and scholarship support, job seeking and networking and the opportunity to be members of a strong, independent recreation community.”

Collaine Kelly, Pia Nicastro, Jennifer Bauman, Angela Kirkman

Guests included Collaine Kelly, Pia Nicastro, Jennifer Bauman, and Angela Kirkman

Live Auction in progress at Incight Gala

The Live Auction in progress at the Incight Gala

Kamilla Pavlov, Ivan Pavlov

Kamilla Pavlov, Ivan Pavlov

From Incight:

Incight was honored to have the Safeway Foundation, The Standard and Immix Law Group step up as presenting sponsors of the gala. Three incredible Portland companies who are committed to Incight’s work. Other supporting sponsors were Arlene Schnitzer, Pacific Power, Delap LLP, the OSU Foundation, The Boeing Company and CareOregon.

Incight is committed to breaking down barriers for people with disabilities, to challenging limiting beliefs and unfair judgements and to creating a future where equity and inclusion are the norm. Incight’s mission is Unlocking the Potential of People with Disabilities.