Portland, OR. Albertina Kerr held a special dedication ceremony at its Campus in Gresham to thank donors who have contributed more than $6 million to the local nonprofit’s Community Promise Campaign which is aimed at addressing Children’s Mental Health. Lynn and Fritz Bartsch, Co-Chairs of the Community Promise Campaign posed with Jeff Carr, Albertina Kerr’s Incoming CEO at the May 20th event. Last year, 863 children and families received services at Albertina Kerr’s campus. The expansion of the campus will raise the number of children and families served to more than 1,000 each year.

Charlie Swindells and Mary Lago, Co-Chair of the Community Promise Campaign

Charlie Swindells and Mary Lago, Co-Chair of the Community Promise Campaign

Mayor-Elect Ted Wheeler, Honorary Chair

Mayor-Elect Ted Wheeler, Honorary Chair.

Launched in 2014, the ultimate Campaign goal is to raise $11 million. Supporters exceeded their target to raise at least $5 million for capital construction to expand and renovate Albertina Kerr’s Campus. It’s a ten-acre center that offers community-based mental health services to children and their families throughout the state of Oregon. The completed campus will bring together leading practitioners, critical program services and facilities designed to best care for this vulnerable population.

Here’s a video about the campaign:

“The need for mental health services still exceeds the resources available in our community. Albertina Kerr has expanded our program for some of the most acute children in Oregon by more than 50 percent”, said Mary Lago, Community Promise Co-Chair. “The Campus for Children’s Mental Health allows for strong collaboration among practitioners on-site and ease of transition as health improves and children are able to engage in less intensive care. Our intense residential program is widely recognized for its effectiveness with over 80 percent of children transitioning to other services such as community-based in-home work with therapists or Campus-based therapeutic programs.” The Community Promise Campaign, comprised of three phases. As its name implies, the Legacy Phase aims to raise planned gifts to create long-term assurance that Albertina Kerr will be there into the next century helping vulnerable Oregonians. The Legacy Phase goal is to increase Guardian Angels Society Memberships to at least 150 planned gift supporters. Meeting the Legacy Phase goal will extend the total Campaign investment to a total of approximately $11 million by 2018.

From Albertina Kerr:

Since 1907, Albertina Kerr has strengthened Oregon families and communities. Today, we provide programs and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges, empowering them to live richer lives. Albertina Kerr’s capital campaign, Kerr Community Promise, helps raise awareness and funds to support children’s mental health. For more information about Albertina Kerr, call 503.239.8101 or visit www.albertinakerr.org