Portland, March 16th, 2015. For the first time Exceed Enterprises, a nonprofit that invests in the success of persons with disabilities through the creation of service and business ventures, is working with Impact NW. Impact NW works with schools, businesses, faith communities, other community-based organizations and governmental agencies to help community members improve their quality of life and achieve independence. Exceed Enterprises consumers worked at Impact NW this week to help elementary age students learn about science. Volunteers counted, sorted and bundled supplies for the AKA Science (All Kids Are Scientists) “Cool Chemistry” classes this spring. The supplies will be compiled into kits. The kits are used to facilitate a variety of inquiry-based science activities with elementary-aged students.

Ashley works with Kathy

Ashley works with Kathy

“The AKA Science package we provide to each site includes field-tested curriculum, a full kit of supplies, and hands-on training of the site’s chosen instructor,” said Jill Morrow Impact NW marketing and communications manager. “We offer AKA Science classes at 50+ sites per school term.”

Ashley works with Michael Faust

Ashley works with Michael Faust

It is a great fit for the volunteers who are used to this type of work. Impact NW builds kits three times a year so Exceed Enterprises might have other opportunities in the future.

“My goal is to get our folks more involved in these types of opportunities,” said Ashley Lunsford vocational skills coordinator with Exceed. “These valuable experiences not only get individuals out into the community but they help build confidence and self esteem.”

Volunteers are key in helping to sort, count and bundle items for the science kits and Impact NW appreciates the assistance.

“We look forward to inviting Exceed to return for the next round of volunteer opportunities,” said Morrow. “We can’t thank them enough for the help they provided us today.”

Established in 1968, Exceed Enterprises is a non-profit organization that excels in providing vocational and personal development services for people with disabilities. Exceed serves the Portland metropolitan area offering a variety of options and opportunities through rehabilitation services, community-based & on-site business environments, personal services and community activities.

Our community and business partnerships enable people with disabilities to contribute to society through meaningful employment and increased independence, self-confidence, and dignity.

Impact NW is a private non-profit organization that began in 1966 as Portland Action Committees Together, Inc. (PACT). Four neighborhoods came together and created the agency to address the growing problems associated with poverty in the area.

Since 1966, Impact NW has been a leader in providing individuals of all ages with the skills and resources necessary to achieve success and to advocate for themselves and their communities.  Annually, over 36,000 low-income children, youth, families, seniors, and adults with disabilities participate in Impact NW’s comprehensive anti-poverty programs.