Portland, January 16th, 2014. Local business DTI Portland threw an artful benefit to celebrate its new 20,000-foot office space in the historic Pittock Building. The venue walls served as a canvas for the colorful, Four Seasons in Portland-inspired artwork created by Sabin Elementary School 2nd through 6th graders. An estimated $5,000 from the event and individually purchased pieces will support the Sabin Art Program and Portland-based, Friends of Trees.

Concentric Circles Hanging @DTI

Concentric Circles Hanging @DTI

Eric Allen and Scott Fogerty talk about the art.

Eric Allen and Scott Fogerty talk about the art.

“We are proud of our new space in the Pittock Building. We’re also proud of our technology-company roots in Portland that date back to 1999,” said Donna Peterson, VP of DTI Portland. “When deciding how to decorate the walls in the new space, we wanted to reflect our appreciation of the Portland community—the landmarks, the natural abundance and our people that make this a great place to live and work. Hence, the partnership between DTI, the Sabin Art Program and Friends of Trees was born.”

Chris Lamp Donna Peterson hang "Summer."

Chris Lamp Donna Peterson hang “Summer.”

“We’re delighted to be a part of this project that will encourage budding young artists and also help our communities plant trees together,” said Scott Fogarty, executive director of Friends of Trees.  “DTI has found a unique way to give back to the community while showcasing the need for local arts and green spaces.”

DTI Portland is also committed to the metro area’s downtown core—not simply by remaining in the Pittock Building, but also by gutting the 8th floor space, rebuilding it completely, and signing a seven-year lease—all without the use of public funds. The organization operates a 24/7 data center supporting legal teams as they manage vast collections of electronically stored information related to litigation. It designed the space to comfortably host depositions, arbitrations and videoconferences, as well as document review teams. Included in the Portland space is a full-service printing shop with scanning and coding capabilities as well as the core of the company’s software development team.

“DTI is a national organization with a local, community focus, which is why it marries so well with both Friends of Trees and the Sabin Art Program with its commitment to International Baccalaureate learning,” said Peterson.

The Sabin Art Program, while local, is unique as it furthers the International Baccalaureate (IB) focus of Sabin Elementary School. Student pieces have been hosted by art galleries around town, and are a mainstay at the NE neighborhood’s Starbucks at 15th & Fremont. IB schools focus on the development of the whole child in the classroom and in the world outside.

DTI Portland hopes more businesses in the metro area will consider partnering with local nonprofits like Friends of Trees and schools like Sabin Elementary to underscore the community spirit that makes Portland such a unique place to call home.

About DTI
DTI acquired Portland-grown Bridge City Legal in 2011, and Fios, Inc. in 2012. The Portland office consists of 120 employees who specialize in serving legal teams with e-discovery processing and hosting services. DTI is the nation’s largest independent provider of e-discovery, managed document review, facilities management, and knowledge process outsourcing. DTI serves the nation’s leading law firms and Fortune 500 corporations through its 27 highly secure service centers, located in major cities across the United States. For more information, visit DTIglobal.com.

About Friends of Trees

Friends of Trees empowers people to improve the natural world around them through a simple solution: plant trees, together. They operate in Portland, Vancouver, Eugene, Salem and surrounding areas. The Neighborhood Trees program provides homeowners with discounted trees to plant at their homes with their neighbors. Through its Green Space Initiative, trained crew leaders guide volunteers at weekend events to restore green spaces. www.friendsoftrees.org

About Sabin Art Program

The Sabin Art Program has a widely respected visual arts program that has grown and flourished under the care of Chris Lamp, a longtime Sabin Elementary School teacher. Beginning in kindergarten, students are exposed to a wide variety of styles, media and approaches. They learn sophisticated vocabulary to accurately discuss and describe their work and they use high-quality materials, which helps them respect their own efforts and see themselves as real artists. Sabin’s longstanding commitment to art has meshed smoothly with the International Baccalaureate program that values the arts equally with more traditional cores subjects like math and reading. Sabin artwork is on display all over Portland. Sabin students have had showings in City Hall and there are permanent installations at the district’s central office and the new Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel.