Portland, August 6th. The Friends of Tryon Creek have just received a $150,000 three-year grant from Meyer Memorial Trust to support their efforts towards future sustainability.

The nonprofit is reporting: The funds are part of a $370,000 capacity building project that will improve the organization’s fundraising ability, education program infrastructure and overall marketing program, and will directly support the addition of a Development Director position over that time span.

“This kind of support is the result of years of organizational success through the commitment of a core group of people who have made environmental education and restoration a priority”, says David Cohen, Executive Director for the Friends. “It is nice to be recognized for that and for the huge efforts of so many who brought us to where we are today.” The Trust’s award recognizes the recent efforts by the Friends’ Board, staff and volunteers to develop a clear vision for the future and a forward-thinking strategic plan to achieve those goals. It also affirms that the Friends’ work in public land conservation and environmental education has ever-growing value to the broader community. The Friends’ capacity building effort has also received support from the Community Grants Program of the Oregon Community Foundation and the Gray Family Friends of Tryon Creek Education Fund.

For over 40 years, the Friends of Tryon Creek have been offering a range of educational programs for all ages. Most significant is the School Field Trip Program serving 5,000 students annually with the goal of using this strategically located natural area as an outdoor classroom to connect children directly to nature and instill an ethic of stewardship in each child. In addition, the Friends’ popular Nature Day Camp Program, which provides a safe and nurturing environment for 900 children each summer, is a program where they make meaningful connections with others as well as with the natural world. The Friends also offer adult programs, teacher workshops, a Backyard Habitat Program and Landscaping for Conservation series, additional children’s camps and workshops, and special events with strong educational components throughout the year. 

About the Friends of Tryon Creek

The Friends of Tryon Creek are a catalyst for cultivating a lifelong relationship with nature using Tryon Creek State Natural Area, Oregon’s only urban state park, as our classroom. We are known throughout the region for our exceptional environmental education programs and stewardship opportunities. 

Tryon Creek State Natural Area is located at 11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd in southwest Portland. The 670-acre park currently welcomes over 385,000 visitors each year and is home to over 200 species of birds, mammals and amphibians. Visitors enjoy miles of hiking trails, a paved bicycle path and equestrian trails. 

For details and a schedule of events, visit www.tryonfriends.org